How can I grow my hair 2 inches in a week?

by Jill Ross Marketer

Have you ever thought, "Let me ask a hair expert, be it in a hair expert salon near me or a hair expert online on how to grow my hair"? If yes, then you are one of those many people who are looking to grow the length of your hair faster than it normally takes.

You can be wanting to do this for many reasons ranging from a festival coming up or an occasion, to you having gotten a trimming recently and want your old length back. Whichever the cause, your core concern remains, “How do I grow my hair two inches in a week”, if not more.

Knowing that many of you look for ideas and the internet is full of both intelligent and crazy ideas, we decided to be your trustworthy source where you can find a list of concepts that truly work in order for your hair growth to be quicker. Left to itself the growth of hair is around half an inch a month. This is when the same is not supported especially by anything or not hindered by anything.

To grow your hair faster than this will require a lot of effort on your part in implementing either of the two ideas we have here for you. Let us look at what these ideas are:

1. Oil and care

The heading is bound to make you wonder why we even need to mention this. As someone who is fond of their hair and cares for it you surely already know that oiling for and caring for your hair are the cornerstones not just of hair growth but also of good healthy hair.

The reason we mention it is because this is something that can never be encouraged enough. Proper oiling of hair is one of the easiest and quickest ways to grow your hair length.

The oiling needs to be proper though and not just haphazard or for the sake of oiling. There are some points to this effect that you must remember:

· Oil the roots of your hair intensely not the hair itself unless dealing with dry hair

·  Massage the oil properly into all parts of your scalp. It is best if someone else at your home or a professional such as those at hair salons did this.

·  Keep your hair oiled for the whole night whenever possible. Even if you are in a hurry do not leave the oil on for any less than a whole hour.

· You can oil your hair as regularly as you want. Do not leave more than a fortnight between pilings though. The effects of the oiling have long vanished by then.

· This is a continuous process. There is no end time to taking care of your hair by oiling if you wish for it to grow longer sooner.

2.  Growth by techniques

The first idea to grow your hair longer or actually to make it look up to 2 inches longer in just a week is to understand your hair well and use the right normal processes on it. This may sound strange but more often than not, our hair appears shorter in length than it actually is. This can be caused by hair damage, split ends, and even hair curling.

In this knowledge now understand that having your hair look up to 2 inches longer in a week can be achieved for the most part maybe by taking care of your hair well. Do you need to condition your hair more? Are you using shampoo too less or way too often? Is your hair dry and flaky due to lack of moisture which is seasonal? Addressing these small things may have a huge impact on the viable length of your hair.

On the other hand, there may be a chance that your hair is curly in nature or that you got it curled at some point. The curls obviously give a much shorter look to your hair than it actually is. You can tackle this by something as straightforward as getting your hair straightened without chemicals. If an immediate long hair look is what you are aiming at, this technique will surely work in your favor.

Hair growth may take its own time but that does not mean your hair has to look it too. Make your hair look longer with these simple techniques.


1.  Does hair always grow evenly in time?

Hair growth is dependent on a lot of factors ranging from your hair care to the weather, the harshness of the water you use, the products you use, etc. What this translates to is your hair growing approximately the same length in any given time period but not exactly. There may be validations if any of the factors we mentioned are drastically altered. It is, therefore, best to think of hair growth as a long term work and to think of the growth rate in average numbers over weeks.

 2.  Is hair loss detrimental to length growth?

Hair loss, which means your hair coming out broken due to entanglement or otherwise, is often a symptom. It reflects apart from anything else an issue with the health of your hair or how you care for it. The same factors play a role when it comes to fair length growth as well. Unhealthy or ill-treated hair often does not grow very well. This can reflect in the amount of growth or the volume of the new hair. Keeping this in mind you must care for your hair well if you want to have healthy and fast hair growth.

3. How does the use of chemicals on the hair affect hair growth?

Before we answer the question, you must understand that all shampoos and conditioners today have some or the other chemical components in them. That said, these chemicals are well tested and their effects are neutralized or reduced to a bare minimum in these products.

Coming to applying chemicals as part of processes on your hair. In this case, as a rule, you must understand that chemicals always hinder hair growth in one form or another. This is irrespective of what process you are getting done on your hair. If heavy chemicals such as hair coloring, bonding, bleaching, etc are involved, then there will be an adverse effect on your hair growth for sure.

4. Could an external factor be leading to my hair not growing?

If you feel like you are doing it all the right way, treating your hair well, and still your growth is limited or stagnant, then there may be other things at play.

One of the biggest factors that can lead to a low rate of hair growth is stress. It may seem psychosomatic but the fact is that if you are stressed, the hormones in your body are not conducive to healthy hair growth.

Apart from this, issues such as sickness or a medicine course that alters the hormones may be at play too. If you feel that you are unable to determine the cause for the lack of growth of your hair as you wish, then you may want to visit an expert on the same for their advice.

As a final word of warning, we would like to tell you never to use hair growing chemicals as they are so-called advertised.


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