How can I generate website traffic with $0 marketing budget?

by Tom Woches SEO expert

Website traffic is a live stream of online businesses. Starting an online business is starting to increase traffic to the site. Of course, the conversion rate is also important. But if you do not find a way to attract the attention of the audience to your website pages, the increase in conversion rates on the website is the last issue you will think about. We all know that it can be increased by paying for traffic. But, of course, money laundering techniques are not the only ways to increase targeted web traffic. The fact is that natural traffic has ten to thirteen times higher traffic costs than a traffic charge. It's obvious that when users search the site and products or services for their natural search in Google. There is a lot of incentive to buy. Why? Because everyone knows when Google confirms you. The product you offer is good. Regardless of whether your focus is on getting normal traffic or receiving traffic by paying, the truth is that knowing how to make profitable traffic is just getting half the battle. In the next section, your fight will be on the maintenance of this traffic.

Increase Website Traffic

Before you do anything, you need to make sure that the results of your activities are properly tracked and analyzed. You cannot raise your site traffic without knowing where to start with to increase your website traffic. To track all the marketing processes done on the site, these three tools should be installed.


·         Google analytics google analytics

·         Google console google search console

·         AMP Analytics

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. AMP is a site design platform for smartphones that helps reduce page loads by increasing the speed of loading pages for mobile, and since the platform changes the code pages, it cannot be analyzed with the usual tools for analyzing the site and requires a tool Exclusively for analysis. After you make sure all these tools are installed correctly, your landing pages and sessions (Session) are the numbers of times users log in to a page, plus the length of time users stay on the site and the activities that are performed on the site. Tracking). By tracking these items, you can be sure that the number of respondents visited the site in real terms, and which pages were visited on those views. The Google console allows you to find the keywords that each of these views is dependent on. Also, the number of times your site is displayed with that keyword and also reports the number of times users clicked on the keyword search for your site's link.

Ways to increase site traffic

1. Optimization for search engines

SEO is one of the most important ways to increase traffic to your site. But one should not forget that SEO is not a quick way to increase traffic. So, it's very logical to pay attention to advertising within a certain time period to increase traffic to the site while doing SEO. By using these two methods simultaneously, you can attract significant traffic to your website. The point to be reminded about SEO is that the SEO will help ten to thirteen times more money than the site's conversion rates. In addition, SEO is completely free. If you want, you can do all your SEO activities at no cost. Due to the timeliness of SEO and the urgent need to have the expertise to implement the principle of a site, you can submit your site to expert SEO experts.

2- Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the ways to increase the traffic of a website. If you are a guest blogger on a site. You will also have healthy traffic through that site. If you are satisfied with websites and blogs in your industry and business to enter the guest blog, the process of increasing site traffic will be improved. Of course, the satisfaction of a professional blog to enter a guest blog is not so easy. But of course, when you find a blog related to the content of your site for guest blogging, the traffic received from it will be worth all the hardships you have drawn.

3. Instagram traffic

Advertising on Instagram is one of the great ways to increase traffic to the site. But keep in mind that the only way to advertise on Instagram is by using # hashtag. So, when sending photos to Instagram, be sure to use hashtags to advertise. You can also use the hashtag when contacting other users on Instagram. Spend time to write a comment or message on your business-related photos that have high feedback. The point to be considered when advertising on Instagram is that you should not include a promotional message on all your photos and posts. The ratio of three to one is a good ratio for inserting ads on Instagram. That is, to create only one promotional post for all three useful postings on Instagram.

4- Using the telegram

Currently, the Telegraph is one of the most popular chat software on mobile in the USA, and many businesses use it to promote the site and increase traffic to the site or even sell their product. The point to note is that brands never offer their products directly in such software. So, you need to choose between staying through your website promotion or direct selling the goods in this software.

5. Facebook and Google Plus and use their promotional features

Facebook insists that Facebook users know each other, and its strict security measures reduce the popularity of this social network in the USA, a substitute that can be introduced to Facebook in the USA. Of course, it should be noted that any business chooses the appropriate social network according to its potential audience size. So, if your product and service audiences are more active on Facebook, you can advertise your website with the help of the Page Creation Tool and the Ads on these pages and groups. Of course, in this case, the production of valuable content for users along with advertising content should not be forgotten. In the case of Google Plus, you can also use tools such as Communities (such as the Facebook group) and Collection (like the Facebook page) to advertise. Remember, none of these social networks can spam. So, it's best to find users interested in your product and services and give them their own ads. This will increase the likelihood of increasing traffic to the site.

6- Publishing an article in LinkedIn

The LinkedIn social network can be used to attract the audience to a specific topic. LinkedIn is a reputable and well-resourced social network. If you generate the right content for the potential audience in LinkedIn, the increase in your site traffic will be certain. Use the keywords long and relevant to what your brand potential consumer will look for to generate articles.

7- a Paid ad

One of the obvious ways to increase traffic to the site is to buy traffic and use money advertising. You can easily pay a lot of traffic to your site. But if you 're paying for YouTube ads for Google ads, Google ads , you must make sure that there are paths designed to buy users on the site ( Google Analytics has a tool called Conversion Funnels that lets you track the paths that users are in. Inspect and analyze the site to make a purchase or to reach the site's goals) are fully customizable and these ads will bring you high bid rates. Otherwise, the huge cost of these ads has been discounted. The reason we asked you to install analytics tools on your site before doing any traffic to increase your site traffic was because of this. It should be ensured that the landing pages (users' pages refer to them from advertising links) and the paths that lead to shopping on the site are working properly. In this way, we can ensure that traffic attracted to the site will lead to an increase in the number of loyal customers and customers. Without this step, the money and money spent on increasing the traffic of the site are wasted.


8. Publish the article on Medium

Size Medium is a famous and reputable site that users can easily access it. Due to the popularity of this social network, it is possible to add traffic to the site by inserting an advertisement into it and introducing its business to potential audiences on this social network. Create valuable articles on this site. Try to attract potential audiences to your website by producing educational articles.

9. Slide production for SlideShare site

SlideShare is another site that you can use to increase your site traffic. Using this site is completely free. In addition, if you create extraordinary slides. Your slides can be unlimited. What kind of slides should you produce? PowerPoint software slides are used on this site. Create shareable content. Make sure your audience likes this content and, of course, do not forget to link to your site.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools in the digital world. Targeted Email marketing can be used directly to earn online revenue or direct users to the pages you are looking for. Different sites have different ways to get email lists from trained people, using email list broker methods to request email addresses in the buying process from the site. Keep in mind that in modern marketing, marketing will only work if an audience is interested in your goods and services, and advertisements for users who are not the potential consumers of your product will severely damage your marketing.


10- Requiring YouTube videos

YouTube is a powerful video sharing site. We all know that the audience of this site is very large. Of course, given the audience's size, YouTube's site (as the world's second-most-searched search engine after Google), it's possible to generate site-specific content related to its brand service. American video sharing sites like theater have provided similar facilities for inserting educational videos or inserting ads into high-end videos. According to Alexa's site statistics, the number of visitors to the YouTube site in the USA is ranked second after Google. Therefore, it is very wise that, given the sanctions imposed on the USA and the impossibility of placing advertisements on YouTube, instead of using the site.

11. Using the Tripwires method

Tripwires were first introduced by Perry Belcher, one of the founders of the Digital Marketer site. In this way, the suggestion was to put the item in the showcase at a very low price of $ 7 to $ 37. This can be down to $ 1. Then, by attracting the audience to the site, he also introduces and offers more expensive goods and try to increase the user's purchase of the site step by step. Using this method to attract users to the site is much easier than introducing our most expensive goods first to users.

12. Webinar Production

Webinar platform the webinar is a very powerful platform and the platform's power is not only capable of generating traffic to the website. But it is also capable of generating high income. No matter what kind of merchandise you sell. You can create millions of buyers for as long as you can follow the correct formula for creating a webinar. Has it crossed your mind to buy website traffic?  If so, look no further!  We are the leader in website traffic offering our customers a wide range of products and services, all designed to drive prospective customers to your website or blog.  So many options ... check us out to learn more!


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