How Can Cannabidiol Help With Your Health?

by Troy M. Mr

Coincidentally with the legalization of marijuana in many US states, cannabidiol or CBD has been growing in popularity in recent years.  Many have begun viewing it as an alternative, natural option to regular prescription drugs. 

But before heading to the nearest health shop that sells them, one should first learn about this substance and the ways that CBD oil benefits your health. 

CBD in a Nutshell

Cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant, particularly hemp. It can be extracted and mixed with a carrier oil to develop CBD oil as we know it. Hemp oil is usually the carrier oil of choice, which is one of the reasons why some people tend to mistake one for the other. 

Although it also is a chemical compound in cannabis, CBD does not contain the psychoactive property that is found in Tetrahydrocannabinol — better known as THC. It, therefore, cannot get its users high. This has made CBD popular with those who want to enjoy the health benefits of marijuana without having to experience the effects that it is more famous for—or infamous, depending on the person you ask. 

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Benefits of Cannabidiol

Some known CBD oil benefits include: 

Pain Relief

The use of cannabis for relieving pain and inflammation isn't just a recent development. It has been practised by ancient civilizations for thousands of years, from the Chinese, Indians, to the Egyptians and Greeks. The oil can interact with neurotransmitters in the body that regulate your pain and immunity responses. 

Reduces Acne

Aside from having anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil can also inhibit the production of sebum. Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the skin. When there is too much being produced, it can cause more acne breakouts. 

Treats Epilepsy Symptoms

Back in 2018, the FDA allowed the use of CBD oil for officially treating two types of seizures in children and adults. However, the intake depends on the age and the body weight of the patient. The oil has not yet been approved for other types of epilepsy conditions, but there are high hopes for it as more studies are conducted. 

Anti-Anxiety and Depression

CBD can be used as an alternative to antidepressant prescription drugs, which often have negative side effects and can even lead to addiction. The cannabinoid can interact with the neurotransmitters that manage the mood and behavior of a person.

What Side Effects Does CBD Have?

Cannabidiol is generally safe to use, but people are still advised to be careful with their intake. This is because CBD can interact and cause chemical reactions with medications. Depending on the person, they may or may not experience effects such as:

Increased appetite 



Low Blood Pressure

Drowsiness or Exhaustion

Consult before consumption

There have been several studies and personal accounts that attest to the benefits of using CBD oil. However, before you start using it regularly, it is best to seek a medical professional first and ask for their advice on CBD oil effects. Make sure to get your cannabidiol from a trusted seller and check if it is legal in your state to use for health-related purposes. 

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