How can astrology help to resolve family issues?

by P N Bhatt Astrolozer

Happy families are like unbreakable walls; all hurdles that come their way will not enter the family. Families love, cherish, respect, and care for each other; it's a bond that everyone needs to live a successful time on earth.

A general family consists of the father, mother, and children between whom; it's common for small quarrels to occur; however, it can break apart the family if these issues get larger over time. Mutual understanding can fix some of such problems, but others need the help of astrological solutions.

Family issues and astrology

As per Vedic astrology, the planets symbolize family relations; in astrological terms, this is called karma. Understanding the charts of the family members will give a person a clear idea about these influences.

The bad or good placement of these karakas with their bond with the houses and planets will help identify their relationships. As per the fundamentals of astrology, the Sun is known as the father, the Moon is the mother, and Jupiter is putrakaraka as it symbolizes children. These three primary planets are responsible for keeping harmony in a family.

The Sun in the horoscope

The Sun is a significant planet in astrology; it is the ruler and center of all planets. All the other planets depend on the Sun to exist, just like children depend on their father. The Sun also represents the ego, soul, and spirit of the natives.

Sun rules Leo and is the sign of the forefathers; it is a fierce planet and will always remain at the forepart of the chart. In a person's kalpurush Kundli, Aries, Sun's praising sign rules the 1st house. If the Sun's placement is in Aries, the natives will learn many good habits from their fathers.

If the other planets also have a positive association, then the kindness will further increase. The Sun is the strongest in the 1st and 10th houses. If a person's Sun is in these houses, then generally their father is capable and self-made, such children will always receive guidance from their father.

To summarize, the Sun gives an idea of the father and tells how a person is at the soul level; this portrays whether a person will get involved in evil deeds or stick to morality.

Moon in the chart

The Moon indicates comfort, harmony, mind, and support in life; Moon is a wavering planet with water's energy. It rules the water sign Cancer. Thus, if the Moon is placed in cancer, it symbolizes a compassionate mother.

The Moon also represents joy, and emotions which are essential for a happy family. If the Moon is not oppressed and is well placed, then it symbolizes a very generous mother. However, every good or bad connection gives a challenge to the planet; similarly, every family member must overcome challenges.

Jupiter in astrology

Jupiter symbolizes children; this beneficial planet is known as the highest fortune in astrology and represents luck; this is why children bring joy and wealth in their parents' lives. In short, a solid and well-placed Jupiter shows the happiness of children.

What if these planets are not well placed?

If these planets are not well faced, the natives will face big challenges.

The Sun: - If the Sun is not strong, is disabled or is in bond with bad planets like Rahu, Saturn, or Ketu, the native will have plenty of challenges, in this case, the house doesn't matter, and the person will be evilly spirited, and may become enemies with father.

The native will have difficulties getting assets from the father. When the Sun is placed in the 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house, it might bring problems with the father. 

The Moon: - The Moon is a peaceful planet and considers all planets its friends; however, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu acknowledge Moon as their enemy, so if the Moon is placed with them, then the mother will face problems.

Jupiter: - Many planets don't get joy from children; this could be due to deficiency or delay in offspring, mischievous children, or early deaths of children. Capricorn is Jupiter's Weakness sign, so when it is weak, burnt, or inverted, it symbolizes issues with children.

So if a person is facing issues with family, there is no need to panic. Astrolozer has the best Astrologers in India; a troubled person can get solutions to all their problems related to the family by taking their services.

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