How Can A Private Detective Help In Solving Divorce Case?

by Sujeet K. Digital Marketer

Divorce cases aren’t amicably settled at all times. There are times when one partner refuses consent for a mutual divorce and yet others that fail in court for lack of sufficient evidence. Either way divorce cases are indeed painful and can be difficult as well when one wishes to get out of an embittered relationship with a fair deal on hand.  Fighting your way through a divorce case is best done with the help of a trustworthy, credible and experienced private detective, or an investigation agency for they are familiar with the legalities of the matter and can supplement the case with relevant evidences that are acceptable in a court of law.

Divorce inevitably involves division of assets, custody of children and alimony, and these often serve as the main contested areas.  The key concern, however, is that you cannot file for a divorce solely based on your suspicions on misuse of finances, adultery, illegal /criminal activities etc.,  Filing for a divorce even on the grounds of domestic violence and abuse must be supported with proof/witnesses.

The Investigative services of the detective agency or a professional detective can be invaluable in solving divorce cases in a speedy manner and here’s how they can help with it.

Asset Verification

Couples are required to disclose their financial details accurately when they file for a divorce. It is however quite tempting for people to withhold details on assets, bank balance, investments, different avenues of income etc., mainly because they will have to fairly share the finances with their estranged spouse.

Given the multiple sources of income and different ways to invest them in present times, it takes a professional to systematically unearth all sources of income, hidden assets, unreported income plus of course any debts incurred,for you to ascertain the financial status of your partner.

Private investigators have access to and the necessary techniques for locating confidential financial records.

Extra Marital Affairs

Very often extra marital affairs are discreet, with people being more cautious and careful about being seen in public! Even if you have enough reason to suspect that your partner may be cheating on you, it is often difficult or may be even embarrassing to gather compelling evidence by yourself.

Discreet surveillance is one of services that private detectives excel at. They are not only adept at taking pictures or recording video evidences, collecting travel records and snippets of e-mail/ text conversations, but can also converse with people in the vicinity to gather any additional details that may be relevant for the case. In fact they can also convince people to appear as a witness in court, should the need arise.

Health Conditions/Addictions

Physical and mental state of an individual and their compulsive habits too are reasons for couples to end their marriages. Addiction to alcohol, drugs and other harmful habits, though are very much evident from the physical appearance and behavior of the person, need to be substantiated with medical records and other relevant documentary evidences.  While some pieces of information can be easily gathered, hidden and more sensitive details are best collected by detectives.

Custody of Children

Couples filing for a divorce are fully aware that they must have adequate income and parental capabilities to provide for the children when they seek custody. However, it is usual for both parents to request for child custody and visitation permissions. Though emotionally difficult to compromise, it is often better for the child to be with the parent who is capable of handling the responsibility, in case the child is a minor.

A private detective can gather all the necessary details to support your claim for custody. However do make sure that you present genuine information at the hearing.  Providing false details can turn the case against you.  Hiring the services of a private investigator can help you win a custody case by essential proving that your partner may not have the time, financial resources or the inclination to take good care of your children.

Criminal/Illegal Activities

If you suspect your partner to be involved in criminal or illegal activities and wish to file a divorce on these grounds, then yet again gathering evidence may not only be difficult but dangerous as well. While the case make lead to other implications, you may still be able to end your marriage and probably win the child custody, seeking alimony could be tricky if the source of wealth amassed is not legal. Complications aside, investigative services will definitely prove valuable in unearthing hidden details and answering your suspicions as well.

Arranging Witnesses

Some private investigation agencies also take care of getting witnesses to support your case. Not many people may be really interested in testifying as a witness for divorce cases except for close family and friends. Serious allegations may need to be proved beyond doubt and with the help of genuine third party witnesses with no prejudices.

Legality of Evidences

Professional detectives are well aware of the legal implications of the surveillance methodologies they use to collect details. They also know what type of evidences is permitted and count in legal cases.  You too are definitely not going against the law when hiring the services of private investigative agencies or professionals.

Emotional Support

Solving divorces cases isn’t only about surveillance and reporting.  Detective agencies and agents serve as a pillar of support when you are faced with the truth. Unknown secrets of a person who you trusted and loved are bound to take a toll on your emotions, especially if you’ve been blaming yourself for drifting apart.

Investigative reports are accurate, thorough, and totally confidential. They help you make the right decision and move on confidently, without feeling guilty.

That said, make sure you hire a reputed, trustworthy and expert detective agent to ensure the best of professional services and ethics.

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