How Bright Minds and its Next Generation Drugs will help In Mental Illness

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Our mind controls our body and emotions, so a minor disorder in the mind can create major issues. Generally, we conclude the mental illness in depression and anxiety, but unfortunately, mental illness refers to a wide range of disorders and condition. Healing in mental illness is a long procedure, and Bright Minds, a biotechnology start-up, is working to make the healing process easier.

Depression is a common and one of the most affected mental diseases. According to WHO, worldwide, more than 264 million people are depressed or affected by this. Schizophrenia is another condition that affects the emotions and thoughts of the patient. The biggest issue with mental illness that the patients take much time to accept. Hence the disease gets older, and its treatment becomes longer.

There is a stigma attached to mental illness that doesn’t allow the patient to ask for help. The family and friends often suggest the patient avoid medication and make some changes in life and thinking process. These ideas hardly work as the mind doesn’t listen to the patient anymore. Now, the patient needs medical advice. Many times the reason for avoiding medication is the side effects associated with them in their long term.

First-generation drugs help the patients, but they also have some side effects like lack of sleep, anxiety, weight gain, etc. Now many biotechnology companies are working to develop the next generation of medicine to cure mental illness, and Bright Minds is one of them. Let’s know more about how the next generation medicine will make life better for patients with mental illness;

Need Of Next Generation Medicine for Mental Illness

The medicines used to treat mental illness can be divided into two categories; 1st and 2nd Generation. The first-generation medicines are also named typical antipsychotics. These medicines are in use since 1950 to cure mental illness. The second generation and the new medicines are known as ‘atypical antipsychotics, and they are in use since the 1980s. Though the second-generation medicines are in use for a longer time, it still has a scope of development.

 In both the first and second generation of medicines, the patients complain about the side effects, so a few biotechnology companies plan to develop a medicine with minimum or no side effects. Bright Minds is one the biotechnology company which is working on the development of next-generation medicine. The company claims that the drugs will be more effective and have minimal or no side effects.

Bright Minds innovation For Healing the Brain

A human brain has billions of nerve cells that work to coordinate a way to feel emotions, movements, behavior, and actions. All these cells have neurons that are connected through a circuit. To make the neurons work effectively, the brain needs Serotonin. It’s the key hormone that controls the mood and balances mental health. Bright Monds is working to make next-generation medicine with this hormone. The medicines will work as a natural healer to the brain and will not have any or very few side effects. The concept of the biotechnology company looks promising, and its outcome will be a game-changer.

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