How a Geofencing Marketing Company Drives Growth for Small Businesses

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There is a common dilemma that most small businesses share! Even though you might experience a steady beginning with consistent profits, the growth becomes stagnant after some time. It’s then that a small business requires extra push to generate the desired traction. You need more than conventional marketing practices to drive growth and brand visibility. Here’s where you can leverage the expertise of a geofencing marketing company in Virginia for location-based targeting of your potential consumers. 

Role of a Geofencing Marketing Company

A geofencing marketing company specializes in geofencing advertising, helping businesses target their audience based on a specific location. How does it work? Geofencing is the process of demarcating the target location with a virtual perimeter. With the fence up and running, you can gather data from all the mobile devices within the perimeter. It uses Wi-Fi, RFID, cellular data, and GPS to initiate targeted marketing.   

Every time a potential customer enters the geofenced location, the data from his/her devices are sourced. Thanks to the location data, you can send ads to the target audience 3-5 times a day for the next 30 days. This form of location-based targeted advertising is known to drive significant foot traffic into physical stores, boosting sales. 

If you are a restaurant owner worried about low footfall or a retail store owner with plummeting sales, you can benefit by hiring a geofencing company. 

Geofencing Benefits for Businesses

Let’s say you are passing a Sephora store, and immediately you receive a notification about a ‘one day only BOGO (Buy One Get One) offer’. Won’t you be tempted to visit the store and buy something? The same goes for your customers. If you run a small bakery, investing in geofencing will drive more people to buy your baked goods. That’s why marketing experts recommend geofencing advertising to small businesses. It helps drive local customer traffic to the physical stores, boosting sales significantly. It is not just local attention for your business; you can also target specific locations nearby to expand the awareness of your brand amongst the target audience. 

If you are a landscaping business you can target the suburbs, which would be the best target location to attract landscaping projects. Restaurants offering food delivery services can target corporate buildings to increase food sales during lunch hours. That’s how it goes!

If one has to list the benefits, it would go somewhat like this:

  • It increases brand visibility and awareness. 
  • You gain better insight into the buying behavior of your target audience. 
  • Better engagement with the target audience. 
  • The insights from the consumer data help you generate better strategies for business growth. 
  • It drives more traffic through your store doors. 
  • You can expect instant results through geofencing advertising. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reaping the benefits of hiring a geofencing marketing company. 

Geofencing Advertising Implementation Strategies

Now, let’s take a brief look at the geofencing implementation strategies:

  • It’s essential to identify and determine your target demography and target audience. Only then can you set up the geofence appropriately. Your marketing efforts won’t amount to much if you stick with vague target demography. 
  • The geofence should not cover too large an area, maybe 10 mins from your location. Not more than that if you are putting up a fence around your business. 
  • Competitor targeting is prevalent, where you geofence the competitor location to drive more people to your address. 

Wrapping Up!

That’s how a small business can benefit from geofencing marketing practices. If you need professional help from a geofencing marketing company in Virginia, then connect with Get Geofencing. It is one of the top companies offering geofencing solutions to businesses with a demonstrated history of marketing success. Connect with the experts to boost the scalability and reach of your business. 

AUTHOR BIO: Reggie Williams is a blogger who also works at a geofencing marketing company in Virginiawith a specialization in geofencing advertising. Here he talks about how geofencing can drive growth for small businesses. 

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