Hotel Technology of Tomorrow: Property Management System

by Mycloud Hospitality Software Development

Do you know what the heart and soul of a hotel property is? If you said hotel guests, you are wrong; guests are the blood that runs through the hotel’s veins (they bring in the cash flow, right), the real heart and soul is the Hotel Property Management System (PMS)! Allow us to explain… 

The modern Hotel Software is the central technology to manage everything for you- right from the hotel guests’ online booking and reservation to housekeeping, billing, reporting, revenue management, OTA (Online Travel Agents like Expedia and Agoda), guest communication, and so much more. If you are thinking, will it help me soothe the angry guest breathing down your neck, furious about his late check-in? The answer is yes because most cloud Property Management Solutions offer contactless self-check-in services, eliminating the wastage of time filling multiple forms at the time of check-in and offer so many features that help you keep the guests happy.

From legacy PMS to Cloud hotel management systems; how did we get here?

Most PMS systems were created in the 1980s or 1990s before we even uttered the words cloud architecture and integrations. Since then, we’ve tried to adapt these now out-of-date solutions to work with newer ones. There’s no denying that traditional PMSs have a lot of features, but what happens if your on-premises server hosting the PMS kicks the bucket? What if there’s a flood, a fire, or a break-in at the hotel? Or any other natural disaster? Because of our industry’s weak backup practices, all of the visitor and operational data would very certainly be destroyed. Imagine the horror!

Fortunately for the hotel industry, the future has arrived in the shape of a cloud-based hotel property management system. While both legacy and cloud PMS platforms are focused on simplifying tasks for the hoteliers, the cloud PMS goes a few steps ahead and enables hoteliers to not only meet the needs of their guests’ but exceed expectations. Additionally, it also provides many operational and cost-saving benefits to all hospitality stakeholders.

The future is cloud based Hotel Property Management Solution.

At first, switching to a cloud-based hotel software system may appear to be a difficult job, which may explain why some hotel owners have been hesitant to accept this new technology. Meanwhile, hotels are increasingly searching for improved customer service and more integrated technological choices, and cloud-based hotel software may help them achieve these goals. When you consider that hoteliers are anticipated to invest 7-8 percent more in cloud technology in the next couple of years, it’s simple to understand how the majority of hoteliers will adopt new technology in the future, with the remaining percentage lagging.

As a result of its innovative characteristics, cloud-based hotel software has the potential to transform the hospitality sector in the future. Cloud-based  hotel software also appeals to hoteliers because of its enhanced accessibility, better profitability, and user-friendly dashboards.

How Does A Cloud Hotel Property Management System Help Hotel Operations?

  • Achieve more with fewer resources

As multitasking becomes the norm, the capacity to do more with fewer resources becomes imperative. A cloud PMS offers an intuitive and intelligent solution that is simple to learn and use and can be accessed from any device, at any place, allowing you to gain the maximum advantage of the mobility offered by the tool.

  • Data security

The peace of mind that comes with data security for visitors and staff allows IT teams to focus on technology that helps guests improve their experience. In general, once PMS is in the cloud, day-to-day IT maintenance issues become obsolete.

  • Par-per-use model

Hoteliers that use on-premise or legacy systems have discovered that cloud systems are far more cost-effective. Hoteliers may pay for just what they need using subscription-based cloud PMS systems, changing the cost from a capital to an operating expense. Cloud-based PMS solutions are quickly becoming the front-runner in the hotel technology market since they eliminate the cost of a server and the need for IT personnel to manage that server.

  • Integrated Reservation

There is no need to designate separate room inventory for Web reservations because the cloud hotel PMS offers an integrated online reservation system. Your room inventory is updated in real-time when a booking is made through your website, a Global Distribution System (GDS), or an OTA. 

  • Increases efficiency

When you link your property to a cloud-based hotel property management system, you’re joining the league of super information systems! With cloud-based software, real-time availability, booking intelligence, revenue management features, and direct connectivity to the GDS or direct booking engines are all possible. The simplest approach to thinking about why you should use a cloud-based PMS instead of an old one is because cloud-based solutions simplify your procedures. Everything is better now that you can discover answers in the cloud, from bookings to scheduled guest activities!

  • Automates redundant tasks

You may completely automate a variety of redundant procedures and activities with a cloud-based PMS, such as the use of registers, automatically assigning rooms to housekeeping personnel based on preset hotel sections and employee bandwidth and more. As a result, the resort may run with a smaller workforce without impacting the guest experience.

A Hotel PMS Software solution that facilitates connecting to intelligent and innovative technologies in high demand is a clear winner now and future. All that’s left is to figure out when to do it. Our advice? Your guests’ experiences will improve as soon as you make the switch because you will know more about their preferences, be able to communicate better with them, have more loyal customers and thus generate more repeat business. Also, the more empowered your employees are, the more automation and operational efficiencies you can implement, the faster the switch will happen.


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