Homeopathic medication: Best remedy to treat nocturia

by Francine Kanter Classical Homeopathy by Francine Kanter

Nocturia is a medical condition in which you wake up at night to urinate and the urine passed can be normal or in a small amount. Frequent urination can lead to a burning sensation and pain during urination. And this problem occurs due to high intake of fluid before bed, excessive alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, untreated diabetes, and many more like that.

When you go for a sleep, and you wake up several times for urination, this shows a clear sign for nocturia. And this can directly affect your sleeping pattern and can lead to a medical issue such as insomnia. So, it’s better for you to take a step ahead for its medication and get this treated as soon as possible. At this point, you need to find a homeopathic remedy for nocturia which can be a permanent solution to your problem. The best remedies for your frequent urination are discussed below.

Equisetum Hyemale: For an excessive volume of urine

Equisetum Hyemale is one of the best solutions to treat nocturia. When you have symptoms like urine passed in a large amount or frequent urination at night, then be assured that this medicine can be the correct solution to your situation. During frequent urination, you may experience intolerable pain during or after urination. This homeopathy medicine will give you great relief.

Cantharis and Merc Cor: For a compelling need to urinate with a burning sensation

You might have experienced a situation when you desire to pass urine, and after you urinate, you again have an urge for urination. To overcome this situation, you need Cantharis and Merc Cor. Mainly, Cantharis is used for the medication of severe burning sensation before, during, and after urination, while Mer Cor is used when burning in the urethra is experienced before urination.

Lycopodium: For excessive urination at night

If you wake up several times at night to pass urine or the urine passed is large in quantity then you definitely need Lycopodium to cure this problem. Lycopodium not only treats your frequent urination problem but also heals many other issues like urinary tract infection, or bladder calculi.

With the help of the above homeopathic solutions, you can treat your frequent urination issue. And, if you also have a problem of high cholesterol in your body, then you can treat it with cholesterol-lowering medicine in homeopathy that will work in your situation.  

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