Holding Your Lawyer Responsible For Failure To Prepare During Trial

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At one point in life, you may have encountered how lawyer defends their clients in the courtroom either through a real-life experience of from crime fictions. They do this by presenting the right evidence that can be used to persuade the jury to come up with a reasonable settlement. However, no one has ever stopped to imagine how these lawyers get stocked up for a case while preparing for the trial. While a lawyer who is confident in what he/she is going can excel in court, adequate preparation is needed for one to make it through a trial. What if your lawyer seems to be so confident in your case and steps into the courtroom without adequate preparation? This would probably be the beginning of your failure to get compensated. Such claims seem to be so common, and the best way to handle such would be to seek justice. 

Did Your Lawyer Prepare For The Trial?
One of the most common types of legal malpractice is when your lawyer has become negligent, failing to offer you a professional representation during trial. If your lawyer has negligently failed to prepare for your trial, you can consult Atlanta legal malpractice attorneys to determine whether you have a claim. Your lawyer is supposed to adhere to the Rules of Professional Conduct. As such, he/she represents you in trial according to the acceptable standards, such as with competence. For this to happen, your lawyer must have prepared adequately by:

1. Conducting a thorough investigation: This means that he/she must have an analysis of the factual and legal elements concerning your case.

2. Have the minimum requirement of evidence needed by the court: For example, if you have a lawyer presenting you for your personal injury claim, your lawyer needs to have the evidence from an expert medical witness to prove the severity of the injuries. Failure to do so may amount to legal malpractice.

3. Your lawyer could have failed to call credible witnesses who may be used to answer vital questions and give their side of the story.

Diligent preparation requires a lawyer to act in reasonable promptness to offer the right legal representation. If your lawyer has failed to act in such a manner, you may seek help from Atlanta legal malpractice attorneys. They may advise you whether your lawyer prepared enough to safeguard your interest in the trial.

How To Prove Your Lawyer Never Prepared For Trial
For a good lawyer, the time before a trial is spent on planning and preparation. If you are being driven to ask the question of, “can I sue my attorney?” It means he/she may have made your case turn into failure. However, to come up with an answer, you may be required to show that you had a chance of winning the litigation were it not for the lawyer’s actions with the below ways:

1. The information that could have been provided by the credible witnesses would have amounted to your case success. The lawyer may have identified the witnesses but failed to prepare them to support critical issues in your case

2. Your lawyer had not prepared the right documents for evidence in the trial

3. The lawyer seems not to understand the rules and procedures needed for your trial and as such acted negligently

A malpractice lawyer will help you to understand whether your attorney acted in a manner such as to constitute negligence. If this is so, you can sue your lawyer for legal malpractice. Your lawyer should gear up before stepping in the courtroom. Again, he/she should not only understand your case but should be prepared to counter any attack from the defendant. If you have the question of can I sue my attorney in mind, you need to look for a qualified legal malpractice lawyer. Getting nothing from your case could considerably affect your life. That could be the financial recovery you have been waiting for to cover your medical expenses or any other cost relate to your damages.

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