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Getting a reliable and reputed high-risk payment gateway to process your online payments can be challenging. Especially, when you run a high-risk business. HighRisk Gateways provides high-risk businesses with the absolute payment gateway without any hassle. Let us show you how.

A payment gateway connects a merchant to a credit card processing system. It forwards encrypted transaction data from a customer to a payment processor. Simply, it refers to a smooth and secure process for online payments.

However, banks are completely aware of the risks connected to high-risk merchants. They also want to avoid legal complications and financial losses when providing merchant account services to high-risk businesses.

So, you’ll have to redirect to high-risk payment processors ready to take the risk. And you will get a high-risk merchant account after the underwriting process.

Overall, these payment service providers analyze your business to observe the level of risk. Before providing the best payment gateway for your high-risk business.

Opting for the Best High-Risk Payment Gateway

The best high-risk payment gateway for high-risk businesses comes with features that are valuable to high-risk merchants.

High-risk business needs multiple merchant accounts with intelligent payment routing to reduce the risk. Acquiring banks have the power to block your high-risk merchant account if they find you have violated any policy.

Multiple merchant accounts with various acquiring banks confirm that your payment processing services continue smoothly. Whereas some payment service providers might say that this is a great option, the best payment gateway for your high-risk business will assist you to take a different approach. Also, use a single high-risk payment gateway for various merchant accounts.

It basically works by syncing a single payment gateway to various merchant accounts and controlling all of them from a single dashboard. Every merchant account can be observed separately, combined, or compared to one another.

Moreover, a payment gateway is connected to more than one merchant account. So, you can track everything from one place through single API integration.

Perks of using a single payment gateway for multiple merchant accounts

  • Low Pricing Structure. The best payment gateway for high-risk merchants is always available to negotiate when you associate multiple merchant accounts with a single payment gateway. A single merchant account linked to one payment gateway has a higher pricing structure because of your high level of risk.
  • Minimum Loss. Businesses with multiple merchant accounts controlling through one mid-payment gateway avoid many losses when the services of a payment processor or acquiring banks are interrupted. If any of these financial institutions are having issues in offering their services to the merchants. So, you can always prefer another payment processor to resolve this setback.
  • Better tracking of sales. The best high-risk payment gateway for high-risk businesses will provide you with the facility of tracking sales from your multiple merchant accounts for both credit cards and ACH payments by eCheck payment processing services. If you have more than one website or POS system, tracking sales through a single merchant account can be mentally typical. And that’s why merchants need a robust virtual terminal. With a messed-up stream of data, matters can be made even worse when customers ask for refunds or file chargebacks.
  • Less Risk. The best payment processor for any high-risk business will tell you that every business has a different type of risk to an acquiring bank when accepting high-risk credit card transactions. So, having a single merchant account, it is extremely difficult to focus on chargeback prevention. Because with one single merchant account, businesses bring themselves to a higher risk of customer disputes and excessive chargebacks that can disturb your business if the 1% threshold is breached. Moreover, if these issues reach a level where they can no longer be managed. You could lose your merchant account.

Cash Flow Management

According to the bank research, 80% of small businesses fail because they mismanage their cash flow. As cash refers to the fuel that helps in running a business smoothly. But most merchants wrongly manage their financial resources because of a low understanding of cash flow management. When you connect your high-risk multiple merchant accounts with a single payment gateway. It gives you an opportunity to observe the movement of cash in real-time.

Also, a single payment gateway with multiple banks helps you in anticipating cash flow. Along with cleverly managing expenses, paying the reverse debt, and more essentially operating within the ability of sustainable growth.

Best High-Risk Payment Gateway for High-Risk Business: Intelligent Payment Routing

The best payment gateway providers for high-risk businesses also provide an essential payment service feature known as intelligent payment routing.

Money travels from one bank account to another by a process called payment routing. This process works by a payment network that associates a customer’s issuing bank with an acquiring bank.

For online transactions to move forward, they require to be in queue with the bank’s terms and conditions. This is what observes whether the transaction has been approved or declined. This routing rule helps in protecting banks and business owners from criminal activity.

Intelligent Payment Gateway Routing

The involvement of intelligent payment gateway routing has resolved the issue and includes multiple payment service providers. However, they are working together for a common aim which is identifying the fastest route to an acquiring bank during a transaction.

Intelligent payment routing will allow a transaction to forward directly to an acquiring bank that is ready to accept and process it.

This is a decent payment solution for frustrated customers whose payments never seem to go through. Also, merchants with low conversion rates because customers abandon their shopping carts.

Intelligent payment routing will allow high-risk merchants to divide their payment loads and achieve their payment processing goals.

What is the process of intelligent payment routing via the best high-risk payment gateway?

The best high-risk payment gateway for a high-risk business means managing efficient transactions and sending funds to the best acquiring banks that will resolve it out successfully and quickly.

Intelligent payment processing routing is beyond a traditional routing system by choosing the best route with the least resistance out of all acquiring banks.

It looks at all available banks with their rules and regulations and analyzes a transaction for completion without delay.

Suppose, the first acquiring bank refuses a transaction. The smart payment routing forwards the transaction to the second bank that can approve the funds’ transfer.

Intelligent payment routing is suitable for international high-risk merchants and works beyond geographical borders.


Using intelligent payment routing with the best high-risk payment gateway personalized for a high-risk business will help you in achieving the following.

  • Smooth payment processing brings repeat customers.
  • Also attracts an international audience.
  • Target best markets.
  • Lower down marketing costs.
  • Brings you to the top in the competition.

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HighRisk Gateways consider merchants globally in nearly every genuine industry. Our online payment processing solutions with a high standard of services allow us to provide you with the best payment solution for your online business.

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