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high-risk payment gateway helps merchants to accept online payments with ease. It is payment processing software customized according to merchants’ needs and demands. This is one of the merchant services important for the expansion of merchants’ businesses.

To build connections with several businesses in the market you need to raise customers’ convenience. And for that, you need to attain merchant services as well. Although with the help of experts in your field you’ll get several opportunities to give a push to your business. Without merchant services, there’ll be no extra growth.

Why do merchants need this merchant service?

There are two types of important merchant services. And those services are a payment gateway and a merchant account. A gateway helps merchants to accept online payments. And the merchant account receives those payments for merchants.

Now, the question is why do merchants need these services? Merchants running online businesses need a medium to transfer funds from consumers’ a/c to merchants safely.

But as some of those businesses come under the high-risk category, need support. In this case, they don’t get merchant services from local banks. Now, what? Do we sit quietly and don’t do anything? Nah! That’s not going to happen.

So, what do we do now?

You should apply for high-risk merchant services. Oh! Where? Let’s find that out.

Where can a merchant apply?

You can’t go to local banks now. Oops! So, in this condition only one that you can approach is PSP. And don’t forget that you’re a high-risk merchant. So, you’d need the help of a high-risk PSP.

PSPs are the experts in the industry providing merchant services to high-risk merchants. So, there won’t be any problem if you tell them your issues and ask for help. With the right guidance and support, your business will rise sooner.

But is it real, that local banks don’t want to provide you with such services because of loss?

Why not local banks give support?

There is no specific single reason for that question. And there aren’t many as well. But you’ll be able to see the true reason for the refusal if you put your foot into their shoes. Local banks are not pushing high-risk merchants so casually.

It’s just that every company has some set of rules which should be followed by the person in charge. And as the rate of risk with you is higher than they can take or bear they refuse. It’s natural.

In the case of PSPs, you get some space to think and take action. They support you in all highs and lows. To put that simply, we’ll say they specially provide merchant services to high-risk merchants.

In terms of reliability, you can rely on them as far as you want. They have the experience of facing difficulties while operating work in the international market. And they have strategies and services to provide convenience to you.

How could you believe HighRisk Gateways?

Merchant Support

Being desperate is another thing and being realistic is another, our experts always stand for assisting our clients. You don’t need to worry about anything. For every single question of yours, we’ll answer you anytime. It’s just to make sure you don’t have any doubts remaining.

Online Presence

Everyone knows that online presence is important for merchants because it’s the platform for merchants to earn something. Now, for a better online presence, you’d need better planning.

HighRisk Gateways will help you in making better strategies with the knowledge of the market in demand. So, after that, it would be easy for you to make wiser choices about what to do or not.


HighRisk Gateways has the level 1 certification of PCI DSS. We sincerely follow the rules & regulations stated by PCI DSS to maintain the security standards for everyone. With us, you don’t need to worry about a data breach or anything like that.

Benefits of a High-risk payment gateway | HRG

Multi-Currency Support

This payment gateway helps merchants to collect online payments in several currencies. With this facility, consumers get the convenience of paying their bills in the currencies without any issue. On top of that, this helps in giving more people the chance to buy your products easily.

Alternative Payment Modes

Many companies try to get the attention of more and more people globally. But if we were to give you a suggestion then we’ll say why not try to give them convenience at choice. By that, we mean to say convenience at paying for their favorite item.

This payment gateway has the feature of alternative payment modes. And that gives consumers the choice to pay within several payment options. Don’t you want to make your customers’ shopping experience better? If yes, then this gateway will be the best option for you.

Real-Time Reporting System

Do you want to keep a clear and systematic record of transactions? If yes, then this gateway has the right solution for you. With this gateway, you get the feature of a real-time reporting system that alerts the merchant for every transaction.

And it also alerts the merchant when there is any problem happening with the payment processing system. This will save you time, energy, and resources that you can use to grow your business.

Credit Card Processing

Credit cards are awesome in every way. They give you the power to buy now pay later, and several amazing offers with it. Isn’t it so relaxing, that for which item you were trying to save money you can afford it now? It is. Right?

So, to make processing smoother you need to have a perfect solution for it. This payment gateway has the support of a high-risk payment processor that is enough powerful to process card payments easily. What do you think, want to try?

Fraud Prevention Tools

There’s no way to escape from the surveillance of online fraudsters. But to prevent something unwanted to happen you can get something to secure your payments. As an online merchant, it’s your responsibility to provide your consumers with a sense of security. Even, if you’re a beginner.

For that, this payment gateway has several fraud prevention tools to check whether the transaction is made by a cardholder or not. This will clear that the transaction was made on purpose or just a fraud call. Aren’t you thinking about the same?

Chargeback Management System

Chargeback is a thing that’s the reason for everybody to worry. It gives everybody a hard time to recover expenses. Chargeback was given to the consumers as an option to secure their rights if they got cheated by the company or any worker of it.

But some people took it as a great chance to use products and when you don’t feel like having fun anymore you should charge a claim. And that’s it. It may be serious sometimes when people claim for a valid reason, and they should be treated generously.

But for those who just want to use & throw, need some lessons. This payment gateway has a chargeback management system. It alerts PSP for every claim that has been charged against the seller.

We check through the details and make sure that merchants don’t get cheated for nothing. Also, if the reason justifies the claim then the refund takes action in the chargeback period.

Bank Cascading

Don’t you think that payment failure is also can be the reason for losing the online image for a merchant? To make sure that never happen again this gateway has the feature of bank cascading.

With the help of this feature the cases of payment stop, stuck, or failure would start to reduce. And that’s a better sign for growing business. This payment gateway has the support of several acquiring banks that will never let the problem arise frequently. Isn’t that good?

3D Security

If we talk about data security then we’ll say this gateway has an upper hand over those issues. This gateway has features like 3D secure payments, tokenization, and P2P encryption. After having this gateway you won’t need any other thing.

High-risk payment gateway & you!

high-risk payment gateway is especially dedicated to merchants like you. It is customized according to the needs of your daily routine operations. The reason for referring to this merchant service is that most people even after knowing what they need don’t take the initiative.

And that’s where they lose the opportunity. But HighRisk Gateways always stands for the rights of merchants. So, we would look forward to our collaboration, this year!

You need not do anything extra just drop an email to the address mentioned below.


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