Here's What Your Favorite Cake Says About Your Personality

by Niraj Jaiswal Creative Content Writer
In classic literature, Sherlock Holmes is considered one of the most brilliant detectives of all time. One of his many skills that always strikes the curiosity cord in the audience is his keen sense of observation. To his friend and accomplice, John Watson, he often used to talk about how certain habits and preferences of people can tell a lot about them. 

And we couldn’t agree with him more!

Just like several choices made by a person, flavors are also something that can tell about the personality of an individual to a significant extent.
In that regard, most people have a specific flavor of cake as their favorite, and even they might not realize it, this particular favorite can actually tell a lot about their personality. How you may ask? Well, let's have a go at this article to find out. 

1. The No-Drama Chocolate Cake 

Chocolate cakes are kids’ favorite for decades, and if you still love it as much as you used to as a kid, then you’re the type with the heart of a kid. Also, chocolate cake is liked by those who are quite emotional and enjoy fine things offered by life. Use some chocolate transfer sheets and you can decorate the chocolate in any way you want. Icinginks chocolate transfer sheets have multiple uses. You can use these transfer sheets with magnetic chocolate molds, silicone, 3D, polycarbonate molds, etc. as well. 

2. Truffle Cake For The Hustlers

If you are the person who puts his/her mind into something and only rest when that task is done, then there is a high probability you celebrate your success with a truffle cake. After all, it is the cake for the hustlers and the hard workers, who can go to any length to achieve perfection in whatever work they undertake and who put their heart and soul into it. 

3. The Risk Takers’ Favorite Red Velvet 

Red. The color suffices. So it is kind of apparent that if you favor red velvet cake over the other varieties, you are the one who is known as ‘that one daring person’ among your friends. If people tell you not to do that thing, you just have to do that thing! You love exploring the unexplored and embarking on adventures to unseen and unheard places. The thrill of finding something new is what defines you, and also your love for the red velvet cake. Just add some good quality edible red cake paint and make the magic happen. 

4. The True Loyalty Of Pineapple Cake 

Sweet, humble, empathetic, and old school. If you relate to these words, then the pineapple cake is definitely your all-time favorite. You like to see and believe good in everything, and while it might have a few drawbacks, your loved ones agree that they couldn’t have a more loyal friend than you in their lives. You are always there for your buddies and rarely disappoint them. As someone who doesn't need a reason to enjoy a slice of pineapple cake, you surely are sweet with everyone and your friends just love you most. 

5. The Party Animal’s Butterscotch Cake 

You are the ultimate happy-go-lucky person. You embrace whatever comes your way and let go of whatever wants to exit from your life. No matter how serious a situation is, you have a knack for turning it into a fun experience. No matter people like you so much. Who won't want to hang out with a cool person like you! Though you know how to keep everyone entertained, you never hesitate from acting in the right way in a difficult situation. No wonder butterscotch is your favorite cake! 

Now you know that if you have a particular flavor of cake as your most favorite, there’s a reason behind it. However, it’s always a great idea to try something new and see what it has got. If you’re the one who loves baking at home, you can make these cakes by yourself too. Just buy the required accessories like silicone molds, icing sheets, and edible pens online and get going with your own custom-made cake of any flavor you want! You can buy the best quality cake accessories at Icinginks and begin exploring the various flavors. 

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