Heredity Hair Loss- An Issue

by agha raza agha

Heredity-pattern baldness is the most type of hair loss in men. This condition is usually misinterpreted as a disease, in fact, it is normal to lose hair due to genetic predispositions. You may have noticed that your hair becomes thin with respect to age. According to research, 40% of the men and women suffer from hair loss in their late 50s. In the case of heredity hair loss, a potential hair loss starts in your late 20s. It is obvious that if your father is a victim of partial or complete baldness, so will be you at any age.

With the increased instances of hair loss, various hair replacement techniques have been introduced and practiced all over the world. The results of these techniques vary from one person to another. Why not giving these techniques a try to get rid of the embarrassing hair loss? Let’s discuss. 

Hair transplant is a surgical way of getting back your hair. It is considered as the ultimate choice for partially or completely bald people. There is a huge number of people who are undergoing this medical procedure to reverse the hair loss conditions.  Surgical hair restoration is a highly complicated procedure which can leads to certain inflammations like scarring, bleeding, extended healing time period, and scalp infections. Besides causing these side effects, the results of hair transplant are not guaranteed. Hence, there is no point to consider it an optimal solution to hair loss.

Non-surgical hair restoration techniques like mesotherapy, laser and micro blading are also being used to overcome this issue. These techniques are useful to an extent but are of no use in the long run. A significant number of sessions are required to attain a little bit results. Above all these techniques brings a lot of discomfort and pain.

Heredity hair loss is something which can never be recovered because of the genetic reasons involved. Although technology is getting advanced day by day a permanent solution to this problem hasn’t invented yet. No matter how much money you spend, it is useless.

The concept of concealing your thinning scalp areas has made us achieve a fuller hair look without any risk of infections and side effects. Toppik Hair Building Fibers are made up of keratin which gives your hair an instant thicker hair loss. You just have to spray on your bald or thinning areas and you will see the result in 3 to 5 seconds of application.

Hair Building Fibers are hypoallergenic in nature and don’t cause any sort of inconvenience. It is a perfect solution for the victims of heredity hair loss and now it is being used all over the world to overcome hair loss. Toppik Fiber Hold Spray is an innovative technology which increases the hold of hair fibers with your original hair and gives you a fuller yet a natural look.  

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