Here Is What Every Advertiser Must Know About YouTube Google Ads

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It is important for marketers to learn about the very useful YouTube non-video campaigns in Google Ads. It is time to take leverage of stuff like video in lightbox ads, display, universal apps and more.

Many of you may already be familiar with a great deal of time and efforts taken in creating effective video ad campaigns on YouTube. Even more strenuous efforts are put in to create custom videos where different audiences are addressed. These videos are run in Google Ads video campaigns but apart from the video format, there is much more to explore on Google Ads. To extract the maximum worth from your video ads it is essentially important to get acquainted with the other ways of utilizing the platform.


The most appreciated fact about running YouTube ads is their reach to masses which proves instrumental to drive awareness. Restricting oneself to video campaigns is not right because these videos can be utilized in the number of ways on the display network as well. Below listed are the ways in which your YouTube video content can be used to improve our already running display campaigns.

Lightbox Ads

For your “product and brand consideration” goals the best way to boost the display campaign is to create custom lightbox ads. It is really delightful to work around lightbox ads with interesting elements like images, messages, call-to-action-buttons, a retail feed from merchant center and videos obviously.

Lightbox ads come with a CPE (cost-per-engagement) bidding strategy for making payments. Users at first get to see only a thumbnail image. It is when the user hovers mouse over the ad for a few seconds, inside content is visible to them. Advertiser will be charged for every opened ad. Nevertheless, all the actions taken during the engagement phase is free of cost.

It is important to understand the significance of these display ads as you get only qualified users with them. They did not accidentally click on your display ad but they spent time in hovering over, exploring the ad and watched the video before making their way to the website. Videos are great engagement tools and when it comes to deciding about the valuable users engaged users are given more weight than a page visit the audience.

Responsive Display Ads

Some advertisers might not go with the display network campaigns option. If you are one of those who have skipped the previous opportunity, here comes another golden chance with creating a responsive display ad. It is not only the default option for display but its utilization in smart display campaigns is feasible too. Google assesses the available assets with you to upload to the ad and accordingly, uses machine learning to provide the best amalgam of assets which again depends on the history of performance.

Perks of responsive display ads as displayed on the Google support page include saving time in creating ads, dynamic remarketing with use of responsive display ads and outgrown reach on the display network with the video uploading.

It is critical to add a minimum of one landscape image and one square image for creating a responsive display ad. It is your choice to add videos or to opt-out but experts recommend them. At most, 5 videos can be added for testing purpose. With videos in the ad, it is possible to review asset performance and combinations as well.


If you have intent to create a Gmail campaign, you ought to select at least one image or one video asset besides a logo image.  While your ad can run with a single video (and no images) you are free to add up to seven YouTube videos to your Gmail ad. Adding a variety of videos can be your strategy to engage users for attaining your campaign goals. However, you must have video assets on your YouTube channel.

As your video links will be routed directly to the video watch page it is crucial to ensure that end screens are properly built so that users remain engaged even beyond view.

Universal App Campaigns

It is so exciting and promising to add YouTube videos to your ads promoting your apps. Nothing changes here in terms of having an option whether to add or to skip adding videos but after knowing its implications you might change your decision.

As per Google’s app ad creation process, Google Ads make a video for those who leave this field blank. Google takes it to the images and text added by you for creating a video for you. It is as good as giving more control in Google’s hands. Don’t you think it is a better option to prepare a video asset ready that goes well with your app?

If you are pondering that adding multiple videos is pretty exciting you should go for more than 7. Why would anybody be interested in creating these much of videos for a single add? If this is what you are also thinking, we have an explanation for it. The case is that as you keep on adding videos the more will be created and added by Google Ads. This will ultimately create a pool of video ads hence giving your users more variety and you stand a better chance of keeping them engaged.

Search Network Campaigns

Match types keep switching and there is nothing much that can be changed about it. Though keywords still play an important role the focus has been shifted majorly towards audiences. If you understand the actions and behavior of users it can help you in the long run. Google Ads audience manager tool segregates audiences from video campaigns in different categories.

Below discussed are two ways of targeting these audiences:

1. Make these users RLSA campaigns target. Users who have watched/liked/ commented on your videos already know your business. It is worth addressing to these users separately no matter how large your audience size is, especially if they are the audience of several YouTube videos.

2. Adjust bid in accord with these audiences. There are various such instances where users who saw the video of a brand and then come back to search for the business are more often converted. Besides using them for RLSA campaigns it is absolutely worth bidding higher on YouTube users if they are coming back and getting converted.

Before you adjust your bids you can analyze how YouTube performance has impacted paid search traffic for you. It though does not give you the complete picture but still, you get a fair idea of the value created by YouTube besides direct conversions.


Hope after reading this you could get how important YouTube Google Ads are. These are valuable if you are looking for new ads to test or finding ways to improve the running campaign's performance. Don’t delay testing out YouTube ads in different campaigns to study the difference it has made.

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