Here is all you need to know About Defence Surveillance System in India

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In today's world, a country's defence is its biggest asset. The world, which is slowly paving its way to a third world war is controlled by military might and diplomacy. As such, it is highly important for a country's military to have a vast and well-informed defence surveillance system. Drones, helicopters, GPS systems, satellite imagery- all fall under this category. They are essential to let the military know about the geographic and cultural properties of a region. This is a very important information as it allows countries to spot out weak points, strongholds as well have gained a topographic advantage in case of a war.


On 3rd February 2017, Vice Admiral Luthra, commander-in-chief, Western Naval, inaugurated an underwater integrated defence surveillance system in Bombay. This is a valuable addition to the country's defence system which adds to the protection to our economic capital. But why are these important?




Many people are against the idea of having a complete defence surveillance system. Many point out instances like Pyongyang in the hermit country of North K, where Korea where the country's defence surveillance system is so strong, it curbs the personal freedom of the people.

But this is an extreme case. It is essential for the military to have a surveillance system up because:


         Refugees- Defectors from other countries who illegally migrate into our borders may pose a big threat to national security. An overcrowded country like India has quite a big chunk of the population below the poverty line. An unchecked entry of refugees will put a stress on the country's resources.

         Smuggled goods- Illegal goods entering the country's soil may be harmful to the citizens. Cocaine, Heroine and other drugs that enter the country through the borders may circulate within the population and cause a widespread epidemic. Thus the defence system must have constant surveillance over the borders.

         Defectors- People who try to flee the country after committing a grave crime must be stopped. Once a person flees, it becomes way more complicated for the government to catch the person as it now becomes an international affair. But these people must be answerable for their crimes. Thus, if the surveillance over the borders is controlled with an iron hand, our country's integrity can be protected.

Thus, these are the various reasons why it is the need of the hour that we have an integrated, active and vast defence surveillance system for our country. 

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