Help Your Body Fight Off Pathogens – How Natural Immune Booster Are Great Agents

by Jeri Fujen Organic Skin Care

Although keeping a healthy diet or exercising regularly helps to make your immunity system healthy, there are some foods, Natural Immune Booster, that contain vital vitamins and energy. This can cause your body to fend off pathogens, that are foreign bodies such as viruses and bacteria that cause infection or illness.


Such as kiwi, papaya is normally filled with essential nutrients and minerals such as folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, or potassium. Potassium is responsible for keeping a heart safe in papayas. At the same time, vitamin C works as an antioxidant that increases white blood cell productions which assists fight infections or prevent disease.


Yoghurt is considered to be a probiotic, important to the health of your immune system. It impacts your gut immediately and helps the healthy bacteria thrive. Your wellbeing in the gut is directly linked to the immune function. A healthy stomach, therefore, signifies a stronger immune system. Although there are plenty of flavourful yoghurts mostly on the market, you are recommended to eat plain yoghurt. Plain yoghurts are free of every sugars, additive & artificial flavours that can reduce the food's quality.

Sunflower Seeds 

Sunflower seeds, along with vitamin E, vitamin B-6, magnesium or phosphorus, are loaded with protein and minerals. Vitamin E is a powerful working toxin, good for the health of the innate immunity. The best thing about sunflower seeds is that, because of its spicy punch, also it improves the taste of the food you cook.


Kiwi is one of those fruits which contain abundant vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium & folate. Vitamin C is effective toxins which help fight scavenge free radicals damage to cells. It also helps to increase white blood cell growth to fight infections. Kiwi can be consumed daily. The fruit contains small, edible seeds and also full of nutritious.

Green Tea 

Green tea has amazing antioxidant properties to assist detox toxins from the body as well as other toxic factors. Green tea possesses potent antioxidant called EGCG and epigallocatechin, which has been shown to boost the function of the immune system. Green tea, unprocessed, retains much of its nutrients and vitamins back in the leaves. Specialists say you can drink 3-4 cups of green tea per day because it not only keeps you hydrated and also helps to filter out the body's toxins or other waste materials thus keeping your immune system safe.

Use of Organic Skin Care products is not based solely on hearsay but evidence. Like when you're washing your face with lemon extracts, your skin will get whiter and cleaner. It's because lemon is a fruit wealthy in vitamin c that is an efficient vitamin cleanser. When you want to use parsley tea, removing eye bags would also be a more successful herbal treatment than those chemically formulated botox creams.

If we choose to look after our skin in a way that would make us look much younger, much more radiant and safer, we can also use organic skin products like the people in china do.

Jeri Fujen writes on Natural Immune Booster and related issues. You can learn more by visiting his blog here with many useful articles on skincare natural organic skincare, for the most effective way to nurture young and healthy skin.

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