Hair Treatments For Every Hair

by Shweta Sharma Meegash

Every person has a passion that pushes them forward towards their goals. I too have a passion and unlike many people who like sports, music, art etc. I have a fondness towards beauty and makeup. I work at a unisex salon in Lucknow where I was professionally trained and given the opportunity to work full time. The perks of being hired at a unisex parlor are that you never know who’s going to come through that door and what is (s)he going to ask for. We have been trained to give our clients the hairstyle they desire. Then, there are female clients who majorly opt for makeup and skincare. Although, I am primarily interested in consumer hairstyles and as a licensed stylist, when I want to start digging deeper into the hair topics from the professional angle, I always begin by listening to the needs of the client and then use my expertise.

There are various treatments that can be successful on different hairstyles depending on texture, need and of course, hair type. Some clients can be allergic to the treatments while others can easily undergo the treatment. Along with the perfect dress, a flawless hairstyle is essential for every woman be it her wedding or a simple party. When it comes to wedding hairstyles, every bride has her own unique style regardless of the texture of their hair. Women usually go for permanent hair straightening which makes their hair look flawless and shiny. Permanent hair straightening is used to eliminate your wavy curls permanently by the way of using chemical treatments to give you straight flowing hair. Though there are many ways of doing this, there are some conventional steps that are integral to this process. Usually, salons first test for any allergies and only after the expert’s approval, the process is started by using sodium-based products on your hair to break the keratin structure and make it more manageable. Secondly, an oxidant that helps in neutralizing the keratin action is added to set the fibers of your hair in the desired shape.

There are other methods of hair restructuring also. Treatments such as Keratin hair treatment involve a substance called Keratin. It is the natural protein in our hair which is also present in our teeth and nails. It is responsible for keeping our hair straight and shiny. Keratin level decreases due to an unbalanced diet and age. This treatment coats keratin on your hair shaft leaving you with silky straight hair. Hair smoothening is one of the similar treatments that make your hair shiny and smooth. However, these techniques use chemicals and are not widely recommended and clients usually opt for Keratin or hair straightening treatments.

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