Guide to Marketing Technology Solutions: Benefits and Types

by Gurneet Kaur We market to achieve your target.
If you run a business or are an influencer, want to start an empire, or want to be popular, using different sales and marketing technology tools is a must! Marketing methods have evolved over the years. In today’s fast digital world, you can’t practice traditional ways of marketing and expect the same outcome.  

In this guide, we will explore the benefits and types of marketing technology. 

What is Marketing Technology?  

Marketing technology, popularly known as MarTech- includes a range of software and tools that help achieve marketing objectives and goals. A marketing technology stack is when a marketing group utilizes tools to complete tasks. MarTech solutions has become a staple in digital marketing campaigns- it has earned the reputation of being a widely incorporated marketing effort across different channels specifically used for marketing.   

5 Main Marketing Methods 
  • Advertising   

Advertising technology offers a practical and sufficient way to access target audiences' reach and engage accordingly. This can be done through the medium of Google search ads and remarketing ads via Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.   

  • Analytics  

Extensive analytics derived from different social media platforms can be termed analytics- this can act as a standalone product such as Google Analytics or Amplitude Analytics.   

  • Content Management   

Content management is another type of marketing technology solution. Marketers produce content to communicate with their audiences and propagate regarding a product or services. If an organization cannot distribute the product information, those assets can go waste. - that is why an effective method is necessary to extract value from your brand content strategy.   

  • CRM 

An effective CRM is an important aspect to enhance marketing technology- by permitting customer retention, CRM helps your business to produce value from the already existing customer base- which eventually increases the ROI (return on investment). Some of the leading and most used CRM systems are- Salesforce, Intercom, Marketo, and HubSpot.  

  • Social Media Network 

There are different social media platforms that can get optimized using modern marketing technology solutions. For example- if your social account is on different channels- Sprout Social condenses all of the account data and information on one easy-to-manage dashboard.  

Benefits of Using Marketing Technology   
  • Right Content at Correct Time  

Offering personalized surveys has become a trend nowadays. Small to medium businesses that are in the race for long run- incorporate methods that speak loudly to users. You need to put in compelling and convincing content that can hold onto your customers when they are literally on the edge of either buying or leaving. When a user is browsing your website or an online store- they are in the process of purchasing products/services- you need to engage them with correct content- and in order to do that flawlessly, you need technology and tools that provide you the appealing content at the right time.   

Why does it matter?  

Customers prefer buying products from companies that offer relevant products/stuff to their target audience. Automated and personalized messages empower your business to put the gathered data based on every unique customer need and preference. Companies also need to deliver a customized customer experience- you need to believe that every customer matter.  

  • Make Your Business Available on Smartphones  

The current toll of smartphone users stands at over 6 billion.   

You need to digest this number to grasp the significance of a smartphone in today’s time. As of November 2023, 49.78% of web traffic is derived from mobile. If you are not treating smartphones as the future, then you need to start today by optimizing your site for mobile users. Eventually, if you are not connected with your target users via a smartphone, chances are you are falling behind.  

As marketers, we need to utilize modern marketing technology solutions to reach our potential users where they are- on devices or websites. This creates a campaign designed for mobile device users via email newsletters or paid ads. At the end of the path, no matter the device- your business message needs to get delivered to the right audience.   

  • Utilize Technology to Deliver Right Message On-time  

With every business comes the need to make vital marketing decisions. And in order to strive for that, you require real-time data- this is where it gets tricky, as getting the right data gathered is quite a task. Let us assume that your marketing team needs help to solve slow reach and engagement levels- and is in dire need of what must be changed to revert the situation.   

MarTech solutions are the key to collecting the right data. Many marketing technology solutions available can assist your business in getting the informational data they need in a limited time. Last year (2022), the use of CRMs led to companies generating more than $35 million in revenue with an annual growth rate of 12% (which is quite impressive). 

  • Keeps you Ahead of the Competition   

Every business owner wishes to be one step ahead of their competition, digitally or in real-world sales and profit. Staying ahead comes last; before owing the trophy of being the best-a business has to go through many different challenges. If you struggle to get a better ranking, giving marketing technology a fair shot is compulsory. Large corporations utilize the various tools of marketing technology solutions to create improvements as the day passes.   

  • Helps to Form Connections with Marketing Networks  

With the integration of content marketing technology, you can form a connection with various marketing networks. Proper content generation must be a part of your marketing technology strategy- through different methods, you can revamp the marketing strategy and use it for repurposing.   

To Wrap Up  

Now that you know the benefits of marketing technology solutions- we recommend you start making solid decisions. Do thorough research and then make a firm decision. If you need assistance- our team can guide you through the entire process and guide you to find the right solution based entirely on your needs and budget.   

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