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It is infuriating to know that while you are busy working in your office, little pests are busy doing their own work, right under your workstation, on you premises walls, in your server rooms, in your washroom and even in your pantry! Pests can be found everywhere-households, restaurants, schools, hospitals, food warehouses, offices-literally EVERYWHERE!

Pests, if not eradicated timely, completely and properly, can double their numbers in no time at all. So the more time you take to action on their elimination procedure, the multi-fold number of them you need to encounter, even to the extent of requiring a major renovation and repair at your premises, to be able to fix your pest woes.

So in order not to reach such an out of control point, it is best you consult to professional pest control services beforehand or at least when you first encounter pests at your premises.

There are loads of pest control services in the market today, and with a little bit of research, you could find the ideal one that meets your requirements both in terms of budget and needs. Here are some things that you need to consider-

Get a Quotation- Get in touch with various companies offering pest control services in your area, and get quotations from them. It is a good idea to get quotes from at least 4-5 different companies, to be able to choose the best amongst them, considering the services their contract includes, and the price they are asking for it.

Inquire the time frame- It is important to consider the time the pest control operator would be spending on your site, as it would disrupt your normal business activities.

Background check- Ask the pest control operator for references. Ask around your known circles for any experience with those pest control services. These days a whole lot of companies have sprouted up, and a little market research can let you know if the service provider is actually good at his job and delivers what he promises. It is vital to choose a trusted company because these people will have complete access to your workplace!

Ask for their pest extermination procedures - There are a wide variety of ways to exterminate pests. Make sure beforehand if the methods they are using suit you and your type of business establishment.

Timing- Ask if they could perform the extermination procedures during your off days/ weekends/ night time so that your regular business does not suffer.

Check for long term packages- Some pest control services operators provide one time services, some offer monthly/quarterly/annual packages, some offer regular inspections, some offer only on the call services. It is ideal you discuss such things beforehand.

Licenses and Insurance- Check if the Pest Control Operator has valid licenses, are insured and have all the necessary permissions and documents from the regulating authorities.
With an abundant stream of food, water, and shelter, universities are an ideal habitat for pests. Universities are full of students and staff, and their health and safety are vital in crafting a dynamic learning environment. So it is of utmost importance for you to carefully carry out pest control at university campus and choose a service provider who is proficient in such kind of unique pest control challenges that are faced in education environments. Be it the student accommodation towers or the common areas like the cafeteria, library, hall, classrooms, laboratories, washrooms, almost all places provide ample nesting areas for pests.

Apart from detailed pest control measures, one also needs to consider fly control, more so in the cafeteria areas. Flies are capable of carrying more than a half-billion microorganisms and are a major source of food contamination, especially in the cafeteria areas. Restrooms are another area that needs specialized care for pest prevention. Just keeping the restroom clean won't suffice the purpose of keeping university pest free.

Pest control needs at universities campuses are multi-fold and encompass a wide array of thing. It is in only by early detection and continuous monitoring that pest at university campuses can be kept at bay. After all, nothing is more important than protecting the students, faculty, office staff and the reputation of your university.

Pestinct Pro Solutions
Pestinct Pro Solutions is a Division of National Bulk Handling Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (NBHC).  We have a stringent protocol around the pest control products we use, more so while carrying out pest control at university campus. We ensure that our products are safe to human exposure and yet, equally effective in large open spaces we come across in universities. Our specialized team understands the need for pest control at university is multi-fold, taking into account the huge cafeterias, classrooms, student accommodation rooms, libraries, science laboratories etc. All our technicians are qualified and have passed through specialized training for handling special and specific needs of a large variety of customers.

So what are you waiting for? Reach us through our website or our toll-free phone number, and book your free consultation now. Hire PESTINCT PRO SOLUTION for Pest Control at University.

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