Government sector vs Private Sector

by Pranav A. Job Oriented Training Programme In Medical Coding

India, a developing country with a huge population, major part consisting of youth from 18-40 years of age, needs employment either in private sector or government sector. There is a lot of difference between the work culture, atmosphere, pay structure, etc in these sectors. One can provide you with a luxurious lifestyle while another one just provides peanuts. One can give you a lot of work pressure while the other one gives you just ample time to relax. Since a government job has its own perks which can be summarized as below, today’s youth is primarily attracted towards it.

Job Security: It is difficult to get the government job but Once you enter the government service it is almost impossible for you to get fired unless or until you make a grave mistake like crime under IPC act, corruption, etc.

Work Stress: You have your flexibility of doing your work means you are not bound by targets to achieve or deadlines to meet which are normally found in the corporate sector. So you can enjoy your work with an ample amount of time to chill.

Better work-life balance: You have fixed hours of working, generally eight or eight and a half hours to work. You don’t have to do over timing for your boss or promotion or hike etc..Having a secure job without any stress leads you to a better work-life balance.

Public and National Holidays: Government provides a list of national and public holidays along with weekends i.e. you have almost 18-20 days of work in a month.

The flexibility of Leaves: Along with public and national holidays, a government employee is entitled to various leaves to be taken during a year i.e. Earned leaves, Casual Leaves, sick leaves which are higher in number than the private sector.

Retirement Policy: In previous years the government was providing its employees monthly pension after retirement from the service which is now covered under NPS scheme. Now the same has been also provided by the private sector so, they are at equal in after service care management.

Salary and promotions: Government services provide a fixed salary as per pay level matrix with an annual increment of three percent while in a private sector you can earn a salary according to your skills and work times. So, there is a big difference between the salary of a government employee and a corporate sector employee which ultimately leads to class difference.

Government jobs are more competitive: There are a limited number of job vacancy in government service while a huge portion of the population is fighting for getting the job. So there is a tough competition between candidates. While in the private sector, as the number of companies is increasing so is the generation of vacancies. Any person with sound knowledge and skills can easily secure a job.

Job satisfaction: You have to work according to your superior’s wish in the government sector. You can not add or deduct a step in the whole procedure if they don’t want or you should be ready to face their fury. While a private sector gives you the flexibility to show your creative mind and help in improving the procedure. So you are at peace with your mind if you can use it according to your will.

While the Government sector provides you with respect in society, the private sector provides you exposure at an international level. It is completely everyone’s choice whether to choose a private sector or government to work with.

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