Got Clutch Repair Problems? Here Are Some Easy Fixes

by Tyre City UK Auto Centre

 A clutch system for a car is perhaps a synonym for the same function that arteries and veins are for a human body. The transmission assembly relies on the assistance of an excellent and dependable clutch system. Without one, a car will keep revving the RPMs to the extremities but to no avail. With the advent of complicated pieces of technology, car engine mechanics and other systems have changed a lot from what they used to be.

Clutch and Its Worries

A clutch system gets affected due to a plethora of factors. These factors range from high-pressure values to poor maintenance conditions and a lot more.

Here Are Some Common Factors That Damage The Clutch System:

Rough Terrain

A primary reason behind a damaged clutch assembly is the constant usage of gear shifts on rough and uneven terrain. This causes the clutch plate to experience a lot more stress than it usually faces. Rough terrain typically comprises of irregular speed bumps that force a driver to shift constantly in between lower gear ratios. The first and the second gears are mostly engaged on such routes.


One should try to avoid such roads in the first place. If that is not possible, the best way to handle the situation would be to maintain a low and constant speed on a single gear. This will not stress out the clutch plate and will keep it roadworthy for an extended period.


Another reason behind clutch getting damaged is the constant need for speed. Over-speeding causes the engine to get over pressurised, at the same time gear shifting becomes a force of habit. Pre-shifting and shorter speed ranges also add to the problem, rendering the clutch useless in the process.


A careful driver who loves his/her car will definitely maintain a good and controllable speed. This will not only increase the gear shifting time but will also change the damage done from an expected high to a maintained and safe low.

Poor Maintenance

Improper maintenance of the car also adds up to a lot of problems for the engine as well as the transmission. Poor maintenance records hamper the speed of the car to a great extent. Acceleration range also gets affected in the process and this disables the car to engage slopes and other obstacles.


The best way to deal with Car Repair Birmingham problem is to take proper care of the car at all times. A routine check of the engine bay and other systems shall also be helpful in knowing the shortcomings.

Driving On The Wrong Pedal

This situation arises among the new or rookie drivers who do not know the art of using the accelerator at the right time and place. Most new drivers often end up driving the car on the very first gear using the clutch release only. This damages the clutch plate to a high degree, the plate might even end up burning itself due to extreme pressure.


While it is good to learn, one should understand the basics before hitting the road. Therefore, it is best issued in the interest of the rookie only to engage the clutch pedal when needed.

If you’re among those people who are suffering from Clutch Repair Birmingham problems, then you need to see the experts. And the best experts for the situation are Tyre City with their team of experts.

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