Going From Debt to Massive Success

by PRC Agency PR

Brian Price has one heck of a story. Before becoming the CEO of Leafy Legal Services, Brian directly influenced the success of several marketing and software start-ups. Prior to being renowned as an innovator for start-ups, he had thirteen years experience as an engineer straight out of college before transitioning to a respected industry leader. His experience ranges from software engineering to product marketing to application engineering as well as quality for consumer electronics. Because of this, he possesses a vast array of experience of what not to do, but more importantly, what to do, to create successful businesses that experience exponential growth.

However, what is most compelling about Brian is his experience as a real estate investor. His story as a real estate investor starts in *gasp* 2008. The dreaded year of what is now known as the "Great Recession" where he owned a rental property that he ended up losing. This is just the start of his journey. After losing his rental property, it spiraled him into massive debt; he had up to $1M dollars in debt while at the same time becoming a father for the first time and becoming a homeowner with one of the properties that he owned at that time. Talk about terrible timing. Even with a well paying career, it was tough times when it came to making ends meet. Traditional knowledge says that becoming a real estate investor should help prevent this, but during the Great Recession, even the savviest were not spared.

Then, as fate would have it, a lucky break manifested. Brian was offered a lucrative position with a start-up. At this time, the start-up had only three team members - the CEO, a virtual assistant, and himself. This was his first taste of working with virtual companies. Due to his dedication, knowledge, and persona he was able to play a pivotal role by scaling this company globally and in less than four years, successfully taking this company from generating fifty thousand dollars per month to over SEVENTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH in revenue. Since the start of his virtual business leadership experience the sails have shifted and he realized that the direction of that company no longer fit his personal values and goals as a leader; it was a difficult decision to leave, but one he had to make nonetheless.

Eight years and several projects later, he has gained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to help companies grow operationally and grow their infrastructure. In his ongoing leadership journey, his desire to create a company that not only fit his values, but proves his continued dedication to integrity and helping others is why he decided to move forward with his partner, Jennifer Gligoric, to build a company with the vision they have both shared. Together, they realized that no matter how many projects they worked together, when the leadership decided to change directions in ways they knew not only theoretically, but intrinsically, were not pertinent to building successful businesses, their vision of what they wanted to achieve began to unfold. They had the knowledge, the network and talent, the resources, and the burning desire to help others avoid costly and detrimental mistakes in business. With that, as we at Leafy Legal Services like to say, the phoenix rose from the ashes.

When he lost one of his major sources of income in 2008, it changed how he viewed the real estate investing market. Had he known at the time what to do to properly structure his investments, it could have literally saved his credit and prevented him from obtaining over a MILLION dollars in debt. However, this is not a sad story. Far from it. This journey lead him to where he is today; with great credit, no longer being in debt, and financially stable, he has learned how to help others prevent what he had gone through. Now, he and Leafy Legal want to share these secrets with you. Had he had proper structuring, it would have not only protected his wealth, but his credit as well. But now he, as well as the rest of us at Leafy Legal Services, know exactly what to do to prevent this from happening not only to ourselves, but from happening to you. Since then, he has bounced back and is stronger and better than ever; which is exactly what we want to do for you. Hindsight is 20/20 - but prevention is always the best option.

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