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by Mary Nelson Digital Marketing

Thinking about a Natural Blue Sapphire will always leave you in awe. A gemstone that resonates with the midnight blue of the night sky, the sapphire is one of a kind. With no two natural gemstones ever being identical, picking the right blue sapphire becomes essential. From its internal features to the overall body color of the gemstone, every element adds to the identity of the stone.

Getting its name from the Latin word Saphirus meaning blue, the word sapphire is only used when referring specifically to the blue variety. Other varieties like the pink sapphire or the yellow sapphire are always prefixed by the color. A gemstone that makes an elegant choice for an engagement ring, natural blue sapphire is a durable gemstone that is not susceptible to a lot of wear and tear. 

Ideal for engagement rings, it isn’t a surprise why the natural blue sapphire engagement ring trend took to the masses after Prince William proposed with one. Perfectly paired with diamonds and white metals, blue sapphire has an eternal color that never really goes out of style. Timeless if cut exceptionally well, the gemstone will forever have an internal fire that adds to the beauty of the gem. 

Connected to the throat chakra, the natural blue sapphire is believed to have the ability to improve communication and wisdom, which in turn improves relationships and finances. Making it a great gemstone to be presented for big occasions. Blue sapphires are great gems because they come with vivid colors in small sizes making them more affordable and easy to wear. At, we have a vast selection of gems both studded and loose from small sizes of 0.5 carats all the way to larger 5 carat gems.

An important factor when buying a natural blue sapphire is checking for treatments and enhancements. Although always stated, certification tends to play an important role when trying to determine the originality of the piece. A common treatment, heating, is often done to improve the natural color of the gemstone. Accepted by the trade, heating is almost always done to Sapphires and Aquamarines. Lead filled sapphires on the other hand although cheaper, must be clearly disclosed because of its enhancement to clarity. 

A natural blue sapphire gets its color from the elements titanium and iron that lend the iconic blue shapes. Higher the iron content, deeper and darker the hue of the gem turns out. 

With some of the best quality natural blue sapphires once mined in Kashmir, India, today a major source of impeccable gems come from Srilanka. Stones with good even color, great clarity and filled with an internalsparkle are the quality of gems that is often mined from this region.  

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