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by Tom Rene Engagement Rings Designer

Every gemstone has a different history as they played an important role in the story of human history, but they share a common inspiration. Gemstones have different colors, birthplace, and story as they are gathered from the entire world. They come in the difference of colors and possess an exclusive creation.

In this article, you’ll get to understand about all the colors of Precious Gemstones like Morganite, Diamond, Jade, Ruby, and Sapphire.

MORGANITE: Morganite is popular because of its soft colors like clear pink, peach, and hot fuchsia. This pink precious stone promotes love and prosperity. This is the special gemstone of all ages of women. It appeals to people and couples due to its adaptable pink color that compliments all skin tones.

DIAMOND: Diamond has always been a girl’s perfect friend and an admired piece. The silver color of this stone is the most special one of all. The 4cs of diamond grade which involve color, clarity, cut and carat is the universal system to judge the perfect diamond. They are the symbol of endless love and are adorned by every men and woman.

JADE: This is the royal stone of China. This stone is known for wealthy and beautiful green and shimmery and excellent shapes. But this expensive stone also comes in different colors like lavender, pink, yellow and white. This precious stone commonly wore as a necklace.

PEARLS: Pearls has been worshiped by humanity. This is the only gemstone which found within the living creatures. Natural pearls are found in the profundity of oceans. This gemstone comes in rainbow colors like pale green and white to rose, gold, gray, black and lilac. White pearls are never-changing and complement formal attires.

RUBY:  The Ruby gemstones represent the love, passion, courage, and emotion. It is considered to be the emperor of all gemstones for centuries. It is trusted that fine red ruby bestows superior fortune on the owner.

Ruby is still a valuable precious stone. The color of ruby is the most valuable feature which creates it different and noble from other gemstones. Rubies are obtainable in shades of red from purplish red to orange-red.  The brightest and precious ruby is often found in Burmese Red. The color which mentioned to “pigeon blood” red Ruby associated with Mogok Valley Mines in Myanmar.

SAPPHIRE: The term “sapphire” is a Greek word which means blue. For years, this gemstone has been introducing to the blue color. In old times, it represents a commitment to honesty, loyalty, and confidence because of which it is the most popular engagement Gemstone today. The genuine and wealthy blue sapphire is the greatest one and has the greatest price.

However, these Precious Gemstones come in every color like pink, yellow, orange, peach and violet colors.  The most rear, attractive and fancy color of the sapphire stone is Padparadscha.

Therefore, these are some valuable gemstone which born in different places of the world with different colors and stories. You can purchase the beautiful gemstone for your soul mate and the loved ones from the online site

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