General veterinary advice to care for our pets

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Here is a few general veterinary advice, referring to different pets, which I have collected and share in this article, which are still valid, and that can help us. In any case, when in doubt, I don’t forget to ask Veterinarian Near Me first:

Desparasite your pet every 3-4 months against intestinal worms.

Apply monthly treatments against fleas and ticks.

Do not medicate your animal without consulting your veterinarian.

Periodically check the weight of your pet in our clinic, free of charge in order to avoid being overweight.

We recommend an annual geriatric check after 7 years in dogs and cats.

Avoid violent exercise in dogs of large breeds after eating, it can favor the dreaded gastric torsion.

The early sterilization in ferrets avoids many problems.

Small flights at home can help exercise the muscles of our birds.

A few minutes of brushing daily will avoid hours of detangling or complete shaving in long-haired or semi-longhair cats.

You should worry about the education of your dog since a puppy . We have books and DVDs for help. If we know how to handle our animal we will avoid problems, but that requires a good investment of time when they are small.

Feeding our pet (dog, cat, bird) with good feed is a guarantee that we feed it correctly with all the necessary nutrients. However, good feed is unfortunately expensive. Do not skimp on your diet, your pet will gain in health.

An annual blood test to rule out leishmaniosis is recommended, as it can help in the early detection of the disease, significantly improving your life expectancy.

The frequency of bathing in dogs will depend on the type of coat and the type of shampoo we use, we even have frequent use. Ask us, we will be happy to advise you.

Dogs and cats are more sensitive to heat than people. If you want to avoid discomfort, never leave your pet alone in the car, especially in the hot months. 5 minutes may be enough to cause death by heatstroke.

If you take your dog to the beach and bathe in the sea, do not forget to rinse it with fresh water to remove salt from your hair.

Get your cat a place where it can sharpen its claws, and teach it to use as a child. In veterinary stores, we sell items specially designed to attract them and stop using our furniture.

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