General Information of Volvo Penta Engine

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General Information of Volvo Penta Engine



Drive belts, checking and adjusting of Volvo Penta Engine


Inspection and adjustment should be carried out after running the engine when the belts are warm.


Undo the screws (A) before tensioning the generator belts. It should be possible to depress the belts 10 mm between the pulleys. Worn belts which work in pairs should be replaced at the same time.


The fan belts have an automatic belt tensioner and do not need adjusting. However, the condition of the belts must be checked. Replace if required.


Idling speed, adjustment


First check that the air filter is not clogged and that the throttle arm (1) on the fuel injection pump is against the idling speed stop (2) when the throttle mechanism is in idling position. Check also that the throttle arm presses against the max stop (3) when the throttle control is in the wide open throttle (WOT) position. Adjust the control if necessary.


Idling speed must only be checked and adjusted when the engine has reached normal operating temperature. For the correct idling speed, see chapter Engines.




Working with or approaching a running engine is a safety risk. Watch out for rotating components and hot surfaces.


RSV governor


1. Allow the engine to operate at low idling speed.


2. If necessary, adjust the engine speed by removing the domed nut (1), slackening off the locknut (2) and adjusting the engine speed with the screw (3).



If the engine speed is uneven, the idle speed damping should be adjusted as follows:


1. Remove the domed nut (4) and slacken off the locknut (5). Carefully turn the damping screw (6) clockwise until the engine speed stabilises.


2. Check that the high idling speed has not changed. If it has changed, the damping screw (6) has been screwed in too far.


3. Lock the damping screw (6) and install the domed nut (4) when the adjustment is complete.


RQV, RQ governor


1. Allow the engine to operate at low idling speed.


2. If necessary, adjust the engine speed with the screw for low idling speed (1).


GAC governor


To adjust the idling speed on Generating set engines with GAC governor, refer to the separate documentation supplied with the GAC equipment.


Governor (Heinzmann)


The governors of the T(A)D 420731 GE series engines are mechanical variable-speed governors with centrifugal measuring element of M/s Heinzmann. All governor settings may only be conducted by trained specialists on a specifically laid out governor test bench.




Engine Fuel Filter Replacement






Cleanliness! No dirt or contaminants may enter the fuel injection system.


1. Remove the filters.


2. Moisten the new filter gasket with a little oil. Screw the filter into place by hand until the gasket touches. And then a further half turn but no more! Bleed fuel system.


NOTICE! Take the old filter to a suitable disposal point.


3. Start the engine and check for leaks.



Then pump a further 1520 times. Check for leaks.


NOTICE! For engines equipped with a fuel shut-off valve, the fuel injection pump often requires venting as well. This is done by slackening off the fuel injection pump pressure equaliser (3) (27 mm narrow U wrench). Pump with hand pump (2) until fuel containing no air flows out.


Engines 420733:


Open the air-venting plug in the overflow valve. (See fig.) Crank the engine on the starter motor or use the manual feedpump (optional equip.) until the fuel flow is free from air. Close the plug while the fuel is still flowing.


NOTICE! Do not loosen the injectors delivery pipes.



Electrical System






The engine has automatic fuses located in the junction box. The fuses break the current when there is an overload in the electrical system.


If the engine cannot be started or the instruments stop operating during operation, the fuse may have tripped. Reset the fuse by pressing on the button on the fuse.


IMPORTANT Always investigate the cause of an overload before resetting the fuse!





WARNING! Risk of fire and explosion. Never allow an open flame or electric sparks near the battery or batteries.



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