Future of SEO in Voice, Video & Vernacular

by Rutuja shah Digital Marketing

From Alexa and Siri to Google, we have become dependent on these voice-based commands. Instead of typing it on a search engine, we prefer using the voice search. Hence, we look out for devices that are focused on voice-search.

Mobile devices have all turned smart, which means that searches in vernacular languages have also increased. Countries, where multiple languages are spoken, have already seen the way voice, video and vernacular search is affecting SEO strategies. A lot of SEO agencies have started using these already.

Voice search in 2019

Voice commands are now on smart TV’s, smart speakers, and smart homes. A various number of devices are designed to work together. Voice search has been spreading across the globe, and the Chinese are the biggest adopters of voice assistants.

Best voice SEO tips for 2019

  • Keyword Research- Typing and asking are two aspects which should be taken into consideration here because people do both of these differently. While typing, we tend to write long sentences. Whereas, while asking, we do it in the form of questions. Make sure to have targetted keywords around the kind of questions people might ask.

  • Mobile friendly- Even with the rise of smart domestic devices, a lot of people still use smartphones for voice search. Hence, it is crucial for your website to be mobile friendly. Ensure the website you own has a responsive web design and adheres to Google’s guidelines.

  • Golden rules to excel in voice search-

  1. Landmarks which are around the location should be used.

  2. Terms like “near me” should be used in your title tags, meta description, and internal links.

  3. Make use of phrases which would be used by people to describe their neighborhood.

Video search in 2019

Video SEO is different from the usual SEO. Not only your website but the videos that you have created need to be optimized.

Best video SEO tips for 2019

  • Keyword Research- Keyword research is important here. This is because a lot of your views come from YouTube, which suggests videos to the users. Try and include the keywords in your videos. This is a very crucial step as YouTube has seen a 50% rise in viewership.

  • Video Transcripts- Adding transcripts in your videos helps with reaching to a large number of audience and also as there is more text available, its easier for the search bots to crawl through it.

  • Including thumbnails- Thumbnails have an impact on a lot of SEO metrics like your CTR (click through rate). Whenever the search results are displayed, the thumbnails are the first thing that the user sees.

Vernacular SEO in 2019

Due to the ease in availability of smart devices, a lot of non-English speaking users have started using the internet. If used efficiently, vernacular SEO can help you top search ranks and also increase your audience.

Best vernacular SEO tips for 2019

  • Domain Name- Having an in-country domain name for every market you want to target is ideal instead of having subdomains for the main website.

  • Targetting search engines- Different countries have different search engines. Not all countries use Google. For instance, China uses Baidu, Russians use Yandex, and the South Koreans opt for Naver.

  • Create in-country links- Link building campaign can help in climbing the search ranks. Target web directories of each country separately to achieve this. You need to create a lot more back-links to your website if you have a specialized domain.

Voice search, video search, and vernacular SEO already have a major impact on the way SEO strategies are made. In a few years, these 3 will be used extensively. Hence, it is imperative to stay prepared.

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