For purity and Masonic honour, wear Masonic gloves

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Like how you would dress while visiting a temple, the Freemasons enter the Masonic Temple, their spiritual home, wearing an apron, gloves, and other formal apparel. A painful observation is that the brothers don't always remember to keep their offensive and priceless possessions out of the Temple.


It is typical to see Freemasons of every degree and office displaying their pricey watches, jewellery, multicoloured sparkling medals, various shapes and sizes of lapel pins, and another vanity paraphilia in that sacred place. In Freemasonry, pretentiousness is not tolerated, and ostentation is disrespectful to both the Highest and the poor Brethren who may have fallen to the lowest depths of human existence.



What is Masonic regalia?

The accessories and attire that give Freemasons a distinctive identity during ritual meetings or gatherings are considered Mason regalia. Since the start of their meetings, Freemasons have worn some of these outfits. These outfits and accessories are worn with pride by the elite group of people. As Freemasons tighten their ties to their beliefs, demand for masonic gear keeps growing. Wearing Masonic regalia is something that Freemasons take great pride in, regardless of the situation or circumstance.


They display their brotherhood affiliation by wearing Masonic regalia as a component of their style and sense of fashion. The brotherhood's members use the proper gear to help people of all ages, including themselves, form a unifying thread for the traditions they uphold today. Smaller accessories worn with formal and informal clothing include cuff links, masonic jewels, neckties, and bow ties. These components can also help others identify and support fraternity members if needed.



Significance of wearing white gloves

Freemasons wear white gloves at the Temple to signify the spiritual nature of their work there. However, there are instances when they must take them off and accomplish work using only their hands. The Chain of Union, a ritual that transfers physical and magnetic energy to each brother while receiving spiritual powers from the Highest, is formed at this point in the ceremony in various Masonic Orders by the brethren joining their hands to make the chain. It is one of Freemasonry's most sacred and esoteric moments when love, peace, and harmony come together in perfect unison.



As is still the case in several Masonic Orders, in the early days of Freemasonry, the brothers would give the Apprentice a pair of gloves to sign that he was receiving a legacy that he should return to the lodge via his devotion and dedication. They referred to the action as "a loan of honour." Last but not least, in Freemasonry, the white gloves stand for purity and Masonic honour. They also serve as a painful reminder for a brother to live a morally good life and to never wet his hands in wrongdoing.



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