Food Habits Can Cause Teeth Staining - Things you Should Avoid

by William Jones manager

Everyone wants their teeth to sparkle whenever they give a wide smile. It somehow showcases their persona. Also, it’s a question of hygiene too. A smile with stained teeth can literally leave a negative impact on the onlookers.

Dentists often stress on the fact that for oral health, prevention is always better than cure. For avoiding stains on teeth, you are recommended to take necessary precautions. And, the most important one among those precautions is obviously to avoid some food and beverages that cause the stain.

Reason of Yellowing Teeth

Find a brief detail about it in the following.

  • Staining Vegetables and Fruits

It might sound odd, but veggies and fruits rich in bright colour such as berries, beetroot, lollies can cause the stain to your teeth.

  • Coloured Sauce

Do you need a sauce for everything you eat? You might not be aware of the fact, but excessive consumption of the tomato-based sauces, curry sauces and soy sauces can be responsible for teeth staining.

  • Red Wine

This awesome drink that every Aussie need in their dinner table is the main enemy of your teeth. As per the specialists of teeth whitening in Adelaide, the red wine can leave strong stain mark on your teeth that is hard to let go. However, you can drink it occasionally, but it is recommended to sipping water in between to mitigate the stain appearance.

  • Black Tea and Coffee

Just like red wine, black tea and coffee have a similar staining effect on the teeth surface. The dark pigments named as chromogens are there in the black coffee that easily get stuck on the teeth enamel. Black tea is also quite high in staining. To prevent it from happening, pour some milk in your cup.

  • White Wine

If you have thought that only red wine is your biggest enemy, know the fact that replacing your glass with white wine will not resolve this issue. According to the gentle dentist in Adelaide, white wine or sparkling wine has acidic components inside it that gradually soften the enamel and make it more prone to staining. So, if you had the white wine with dark coloured food, your teeth will definitely get stained.

  • Carbonated Soft Drink and Sports Drink

You can avoid wine in fear of stained teeth. However, when it is about grabbing a bottle of carbonated soft drink or sports drink in the hot summer of Australia, you cannot really ignore it. These beverages also contain acid, sugar and enough pigments to stain your teeth.

What are The Bad Habits Associated with Food Consumption?

It is not only about the food or beverages one is having, but some lousy food consumption habits also cause teeth staining.

One is holding food in your mouth for a prolonged time for no reason. In this process, the acidic particles in the food or beverage you are having affect your teeth enamel.

The second reason is not drinking enough water after food consumption. Not only that, but keeping yourself hydrated with plenty of water can actually help in rinsing away the particles from your teeth that could cause the stain.


So, to round up, it can be said that it is all about following a good food habit that is healthy yet not staining. Also, you have to follow the right rules of food consumption too. Apart from the restrictions with food and beverages, smoking is also a major reason for teeth. So, you should better avoid that too.


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