Flower care - 10 tips for your flowers

by Brian Wallace Affiliate Marketing

Our team is regularly asked what is the best way to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible. Below we have listed the ten most important tips!

Care tip 1: Always have a clean vase and fresh water

A clean vase is essential in extending the shelf life of your flowers. Cut flowers that come especially from heated greenhouses are very sensitive to dirt. So using fresh (and preferably lukewarm) water in a clean vase is the best foundation!

Care tip 2: Make sure you use good cut flower food

Modern cut flower food products are essential for a long lasting bouquet. We only work with original Chrysal products. In our basement, the water system has been replaced and a food pump has been installed by Chrysal for the best results. Then we only buy flowers at the auction from growers who also use the correct certified ecological and biological nutrients and/or treatment. Flowers are also very popular in Europe, because of the beauty they give in each interior. In Sweden the dried flowers are called for example, ‘’födelsedagsblommor’’ and ‘’beställ blommor’’.


Modern cut flower food products have an antibacterial function and ensure that the water stays cleaner and the flowers are not contaminated.

Care tip 3: Remove excess leaves that get into the water

For the simple reason that leaves on the stem will rot if left in the water too long. By doing so, you accelerate the process of bacterial growth and it quickly results in dirty water and unhappy flowers.

Care tip 4: Make sure the stems can absorb water

You will hear our staff say it as standard: "cut or trim all the flowers at a good angle".

You have to think of it this way: until the moment you put the flowers in your home, flowers are cut fresh from the nursery, conditioned storage at grower and auction, then transported to the kiosk, or in other words: temperature changes are kept to a minimum and water requirements are small. Until that moment it is sufficient to cut the flowers straight. The moment the temperature increases, the moisture in the flowers evaporates more quickly, with the result that the quality deteriorates unless they are given enough water.


So to ensure that the flowers at your home can absorb enough water, we recommend cutting or trimming the stems at an angle again. By doing so, you will increase the "drinking" surface of the wound allowing more water to flow to the flower as the ambient temperature rises.


Always use a sharp knife or sharpened garden shears. Blunt tools, as well as ordinary kitchen scissors, often cause bruised stems which still can't absorb water.


Nowadays there are special flower cutters on the market that do exactly what is recommended above. It is up to you to decide which tool you prefer to work with.

Care tip 5: Make sure there is enough room in the vase

Stems that are pushed very tightly together underwater in the vase can start to smudge, resulting in the flower getting less water than it needs. Prevent this by using a vase that provides enough water space for the amount of stems in the bouquet. In a bouquet, the stems may appear to be tied tightly, however, this is a proven technique that distributes pressure evenly across the stems. So a little tight binding is not a bad thing, but don't "stuff" your flowers into a vase that is too tight.

Care tip 6: Change the water in your vase on time

If you have already read the above tips, you know why daily refilling with fresh water is fine. After about 5 vase days, remove the bouquet from the vase and clean the vase again and cut or trim the flowers again. Always remember to cut the stems again at an angle if you have temporarily or accidentally left the flowers dry. The stems dry out very quickly.

Care tip 7: Remove wilted flowers or limp stems in good time

As the days go by, some flowers which bloom in series will have their first flowers fall out. It is best to remove these flowers immediately. You should also remove any solitary flowers that have finished flowering. This will not only make your bouquet more beautiful, the flowers appreciate it too: the risk of contamination is reduced!


Caring tip 8: Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and heat

Although flowers and plants in your garden can take quite a bit of sun, cut flowers are no longer able to recover from sun damage: They no longer receive natural sap flows with their own specific nutrition from their own root system. Sunlight is now really only a factor that makes the flowers open. The more sunlight, the faster this happens. Do you want to enjoy those beautiful roses for a long time? Make sure they stay out of the sun's reach!

Care tip 9: Let your flowers acclimatize

In our country, nothing is as unpredictable as the weather. Sudden changes in temperature can give flowers a hit. Like most people, flowers also turn a little pink when they've first been left out in the cold and then are placed near the heater. The same is true the other way around. Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy a vase of flowers. This is why we advise you to acclimate your flowers.


Let your flowers get used to the temperature in your living room. Don't put them in the vase right away when you get home, but after you cut them, put them in a cooler dark place for 15 to 30 minutes with plenty of water so they can drink properly. This way they will get used to the temperature difference and the flowers will be ready to become suitable.

Care Tip 10: Prevent your flowers from being in a draught

Cut flowers, especially in the summer, have a hard time. If it's not humid because of heavy rain, it's hot as hell. No, the summer is not the favorite season for some cut flowers.


If it is extremely hot outside and you leave the windows open so that the air can pass through, do not put the flowers in the air stream. Heat in itself is not bad, but with your face all day in the warm wind does no one any good. Neither do the flowers.

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