Five Unexpected Ways Your Dog Is Telling You He Loves You

by Courtney Myers Professional Writer and Editor

We love to pamper our favorite pooches and as humans, we’re totally equipped to show them all the love we can muster. Yet, it can often feel like a one-sided conversation, right? We buy them all the toys, the best pet food, and speciality treats that our money can afford, and in return, they slobber on us, tear up our best furniture, and lay on the couch like a sack of potatoes while we Netflix and chill. Yet, did you know that all this time, your pup could be telling you he loves you without you even realizing it? It’s true! Read on to learn five unexpected ways your dog shows his affection every day.

1. Looking into your eyes.

Think about it. When you love someone, you stare lovingly into their eyes, right? It’s pure magic when your glazes align! The same goes for your dog. Have you caught him staring at you at all times of the day? That’s his subtle of way letting you know you’re the apple of his eye. So get down on his level, gather that furry face in your hands, and stare right back! Need more proof? Check out this segment from 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper, where a renowned dog expert reveals a stare from your pooch is the same as him giving you a great big hug with his eyes!

2. Sharing a yawn.

It’s no secret that yawns are contagious, but have you ever looked around to notice your dog yawning when you let one out? That’s because as a species, they’re bred to read your signals and cues, and they pick up on every little thing you do. It’s actually an element of empathy, and they’re expressing that they’re concerned about you and want to share in your sentiments. To make it even sweeter, scientists reveal that dogs are most likely to yawn just when their owners do as opposed to a total stranger.

3. Raising his eyebrows.

You know your dog is happy to see you when he wags his tail, but what about when he wiggles his eyebrows? One study in Japan investigated how dogs react when placed in front of their parent, a toy, or a stranger. When they saw their parent after some time away, their faces were much more animated than when presented with anything else! Specifically, they tended to engage their left eyebrow. So the next time you walk through the door after a long day at work to find Fido doing facial gymnastics, now you know it’s his way of saying, “Welcome home.”

4. Post-meal cuddles

After a big meal, you just want to curl up on the couch and engage in a good snuggle session, right? Your pup feels the same way! If you find him curling up beside you, or even full-on laying all over you, after a particularly heavy feast, it’s his way of saying “Thanks!” and “I love you!” Of course, that might just be his way of buttering you up for seconds, but enjoy those sweet snuggles while you can.

5. That “You’re Home and I’m Hyperventilating” Response

You know this one. You jingle your keys in the door and before you even cross the threshold, you’re smacked in the face with 40 pounds of slobber, wagging tails, and paws all over your face. It’s a glorious feeling that makes you feel totally needed. Turns out, your dogs aren’t just saying they’re glad someone is home to feed them. It’s their emotional outcry of pure adoration, and they’re just as thrilled to see you as it appears.

These five responses definitely give new meaning to the term “puppy love.” The next time you feel a cuddle buddy curling up beside you, take notice of how he acts the rest of the day. Chances are, he’s telling you of his love and affection in more ways than you thought.

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