Five keys to a successful coding career in India in 2021

by Martin Jacob Equip2go

The global pandemic has made digital skills more essential and better paid than ever. Coding is a crucial element of IT competence. It could be the best time to embark on this career in India. Here is what you need to succeed.

More Than a Job

Coding may be a challenging endeavour for anyone who likes creating new things from scratch. For such people, few things are more satisfying than watching systems they build work. As more and more industries are adopting the technological paradigm, the need for high-quality coding is undeniable. Businesses are in search of employees with expertise in Software, Full-stack, Web and Frontend Development.

Becoming a coder is not a cakewalk. The job requires extensive knowledge and peculiar skills. Competition in the field is fierce. Every year, top computer science programs across India provide qualifications to thousands of young professionals. However, this job is also incredibly exciting, which makes all the effort worth it.

Today, there seems to be a digital product for everything. In India, even forex trading experts now use powerful platforms and smartphones. A single mobile trading app from ForexTime connects them to the largest financial market, where they can make a substantial profit by monetising knowledge. Coders can see their creations work in the hands of millions, which is incredibly gratifying. Here are five skills that are now expected on a coder’s CV.

1. You Must Read Code

A musician is expected to read music, and coders must be well-versed in their written language. This skill is often underrated, yet it is crucial. For example, COBOL developers have been in high demand for over half a century.

In the modern business environment, developers come and go, but their creations remain. That is why software engineers have to devote substantial time to learning and understanding codes and code bases. Importantly, this also concerns the code created by others. In the worst-case (albeit rare) scenario, you may need to decipher a code which is poorly written, unstructured or even untested.

2. You Must Understand Data And Algorithms

These are mandatory skills for a hireable software developer. Given the rapid pace of advancement and innovation, programming expertise is vital. Real-life interviews held by tech giants like Amazon or Google show that the industry is focused on knowledge of algorithms and data structuring.

Top employers want to hire specialists who can think creatively and craft algorithms that will help the company optimise expenses. What is the connection, you may wonder. These abilities show how well you can make decisions overall.

3. You Must Communicate Effectively

Technical skills are not the only factor taken into consideration. Companies are also looking for people with decent interpersonal skills. This year, after Covid-19 transformed workplaces into remote offices, this is particularly important. A good coder can explain ideas clearly to their clients and teammates. It means they must also be a good cultural fit for the organisation.

4. You Need a Decent Profile

Coders who contribute to open-source projects build a reputation more quickly. Modern employers favour candidates with a detailed GitHub profile, an impressive track record of contributions, projects, and activity overall.

Of course, activity in the community is not a reliable indicator of performance. In fact, it is not a measurement at all. Still, your willingness to cooperate with others in pursuit of a shared goal is a positive trait. It shows that you are passionate about what you do. After all, you do not get paid for such projects. Even if you add a few bug fixes, it is worth mentioning this on your CV.

5. You Must Understand the Industry

Successful coders never stop learning and upgrading their skills. As the technological world is moving forward at a break next speed, experts need to keep up with the changes. You need to develop a growth mindset. Each task should be perceived as an opportunity to excel, rather than routine.

The Bottom Line

Today, coding is still in high demand, and candidates need an impressive combination of soft skills and technical expertise to be hired. Do not stop learning and polishing your talents. Contribute to open-source projects and make sure your CV is detailed and to the point. Becoming an accomplished coder is not easy, but it is incredibly satisfying. This job may allow you to do what you love for the rest of your life and get paid for it handsomely.

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