Finding the right digital marketing platform to unlock growth opportunities

by Ryan M. Chief Executive Officer

Managing your digital marketing efforts

Digital marketing is one of the hottest topics for enterprises both big and small.

It comprises well-defined strategies that are executed to boost website traffic. This traffic comes from four sources: social media channels, emails, miscellaneous websites, and, most importantly, search engines.

Once a website starts receiving visitors, there are other internet marketing strategies to warm them up and eventually convert them into high-paying customers and brand loyalists.

But pulling off digital marketing campaigns is no walk in the park. Why? Here is the truth—scaling a business is challenging especially if it is working with a staggering number of digital marketing platforms. Imagine a business having a platform for managing leads while a separate application to handle its social media initiatives and a software package to take care of its email marketing efforts. Ouch, that is too much to handle.

And here is where the confusion starts replacing clarity and enterprises start leaving money on the table. In no time, these enterprises run out of patience and expertise in handling so many software packages costing them hundreds of dollars and several man-hours.

Does any of this resonate with you?

In that case, you need to manage your digital marketing efforts in a way that adds up to the bottom line and unlock fresh growth opportunities.

Enter one-stop digital marketing platforms

An all-in-one digital marketing tool not only offers online marketing functions. Instead, it brings to the table new ways and actionable insights into growing your enterprise in a way that’s unique to your business.

As its name suggests, an all-in-one digital marketing ecosystem integrates different software packages related to social media marketing, search engine optimization, reputation management, e-commerce, and more. In short, this platform empowers small and medium businesses (SMBs) to scale at their own pace.

But here is a million-dollar question that may be buzzing in your mind right now: Which platform will be ideal for my enterprise?

The thing is, your business may have unique challenges. So you will have to zero in on an integrated digital marketing framework that will manage your enterprise’s challenges with no downtime. To top it all off, there are so many platforms out there that finding the right one can overwhelm even the most seasoned marketers.

Which brings you to this guide.

Here, you will know the top factors that you have to keep in mind before finding your ideal digital marketing platform.

A step-by-step guide to discovering the right digital marketing platform

Know your goals

First, you should know your business goals inside out and why you want the platform. Understanding your goals begins with answering a bunch of questions.

Here are some of them.

Is the platform needed to grow my enterprise’s social media engagement?

Is it to optimize my website for search engines?

Is it for managing my online reputation campaigns?

Or is it something else entirely?

Once you have answers to all these questions, you will know your business goal. And the moment you get clarity on your business goals, you will be a step closer to finding the right digital marketing platform. Your best bet will be finding a one-stop digital marketing platform that can do everything.

Save you money and time

A digital marketing platform must save you big bucks. If that is not happening, then rethink investing your hard-won dollars on the platform in question. An all-in-one fully integrated digital marketing ecosystem will let you avoid paying for an expensive in-house marketing team or other costly software solutions.

Rather, an exceptional digital marketing ecosystem will help you start saving your money form the time it goes live.

Other than saving your cost, the platform must always be able to automate marketing functions for you so that you can focus on growing your business. Besides offering value, flexibility, and speed, an integrated digital marketing solution will drive efficiencies to the extent that it saves costs.

Easy to integrate

Most of the time, you will be in a situation where you need to do away with a legacy system. But since a large part of your operations are optimized for that particular system, you drag your heels when it comes to migrating from your legacy systems.

In such a scenario, find a digital marketing platform that is easy to integrate with your existing system. If integration is not one of the strong suits of your next marketing platform, then it is better to find one where integration will be as seamless as possible.

It gets better over time

Some platforms are built on momentum. This means such digital marketing platforms will become more and more intuitive over time. So, you will have to find a similar platform which will get more intuitive and responsive as time passes by.

Faster response time and more intuitiveness mean one thing: Your marketing team will be ready to boost the ROI of every digital marketing campaign from day one. Long story short: Such marketing platforms make a digital campaign’s execution fast and smooth.

No learning curve needed

When it comes to running your business, marketing is essential. In every marketing campaign, timing is of the essence. That means you cannot afford to face downtime when it comes to executing your marketing campaigns.

A robust digital marketing platform will be engineered to factor in the timing part. Because of which, every good digital marketing ecosystem does not have a steep learning curve. Whether it is setting up a campaign or deploying it or tracking its ROI, a proven all-in-one digital marketing platform will make everything easy for all its users.

Summing it up

All in all, a robust marketing platform will help you design and implement campaigns of any size. Such a platform will give you an end-to-end view of your marketing funnel with mission-critical analytics that will let your enterprise unlock growth hacking in a whole new way.

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