Finding The Best Property to Establish Your Business

by Jerry S. Jerry Stark is a professional writer and publisher

A thriving business is built on some ingredients: a good location, a great business plan, tenacity and doggedness, ample customer base, and a great property, to mention a few. This article highlights the things to consider in finding the best cost effective property for your business needs.


Money is the driving force for starting any business. It is also the biggest barrier. Determine how much you have and are willing to spend. Also, find out if the area you are about to start up in is expensive or not. Your startup needs to be able to rake in cash to pay the rent or the mortgage. So it’s advisable to find a low selling free estate agent to help you with your search.


Once you have your budget sorted out, you will need to look at the place you want to set your business in. If you get this wrong, you will only be killing your business from the get-go. If you set up your business in a location away from your target market, you are not likely to make much profit. The location also affects the cost of leasing rentals and buying property. You need to research property within your budget bracket. A retail unit in a shopping mall with traffic of about a thousand people per day will cost a lot more than a retail unit in the alley of a side street. If your business is the type that which depends on visibility and traffic, it is only wise to bear the initial pains of spending more on rent. If your business, however, doesn’t, then, you can consider cheaper options around, noting that while getting space on pre-existing business premises can save you the headache of maintenance costs, they are typically more expensive.


This is a related point to the location. Your business base has to be in line with your business. No one takes a bank to the countryside. If you sell clothing, you should naturally aim at establishing your business in a flashy and classy environment, so that your prospective customers are attracted and know what to expect. Don’t scrimp on rental space and lose out on ambiance. It doesn’t matter if a corporate block is offering discounts and mouth-watering deals on rental spaces on their first floor, you’re not like to get a lot of customers. What you need is a location that creates the right impression for your business. If your business is in the wrong place or gives off the wrong signals, you will not be able to sustain it.

Then again, it is not enough to get a suitable property to establish your business, as you will still spend considerable amounts of money in creating a proper business setting, but you still need to get your first impressions right.

Professional Assistance

It is one thing to find a suitable property to locate your business, but it’s another to negotiate a proper deal that will be beneficiary to both parties and guarantee a safe landing. Negotiating such a deal is as important on finding the location and creating a suitable impression. You need an efficient real estate agent to help you do this smoothly. There are many real estate agents in Broadbridge Heath, but you will need to do a bit of preparation to hire someone who suits your needs.

A good realtor will help you ask your questions and lay your concerns with the landlord with the right forms of inquiries. They will also negotiate your lease or purchase and make sure that all loose ends are tied. Having a professional handle your search for a location is invaluable because s/he will save you time and cost. It might seem costly initially as you have to pay your agent, but when you factor in all the extra expenses you would have made as well as the time and energy you would have wasted on the long run—time and energy you could have directed towards more productive endeavors—you will understand that it is cheaper to hire low selling fee estate agents instead.

Legal Matters

Once you find a place to start your business in, you should be aware that there are legal obligations you will need to fulfill. You will need to acquire health and safety permits, and other necessary documents that come with getting the property. It is useful to hire a lawyer to take care of these for you. Go over everything before you sign the dotted lines so that you don’t find out in the future that you may have missed out on something and you have to pay a small fortune to fix it.

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