Finding an Attorney in Los Angeles to Defend You Against Domestic Violence Charges

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Domestic Violence

The most common type of domestic violence charges arise out of spousal abuse which, unlike how it sounds, is not limited to abuse committed by a spouse.  In fact, it can be charged if the act is committed by (i) someone who loves or lived with the victim, (ii) a fiancée or former fiancée, (iii) a person the victim is dating or previously dated or (iv) a parent of the victim’s child.

And spousal abuse is not limited to physical abuse, as it can also cover verbal, emotional or psychological abuse, harassment, stalking or destroying property, and even elder abuse.

Charges for domestic violence can include (i) corporal injury on a spouse, which can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, meaning a difference between a few years in jail or up to 25 years, (ii) spousal battery, which does not require a physical injury but rather some unwanted physical contact.  The latter typically results in less severe punishments.

There are also charges that arise out of the violations of restraining orders, which may include avoiding contact with the victim, maintaining one’s distance or relinquishing weapons.  

With possible penalties ranging from a $2,000 fine to years in jail, it is important to make sure you retain the Best Criminal Lawyer In Los Angeles to defend you.

Defenses to Domestic Abuse Charges

There are multiple defenses that can be interposed to protect you from severe penalties that often accompany domestic violence charges.  

The most common defenses a Domestic Violence Lawyer In Los Angeles will use include the following:

Self-defense—the person who was struck was attacking the alleged perpetrator and, as a result, the striking of the victim was a necessity.

Lack of intent—the alleged perpetrator did not mean to do it.  For example, he was dancing and accidentally knocked into the alleged victim.

It never happened—the alleged victim is making it up for various reasons.  
Other defenses may include more legally-based reasons, such as improper actions by the police (lack of Miranda rights reading, wrongful arrest, etc.) or it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

No matter what, domestic violence charges carry severe penalties.  As such, it is so important to make sure you have competent counsel to help defend you.  This is why the best criminal lawyer should be consulted immediately to learn all that needs to be known to create a strong defense.  Indeed, without the services of a domestic violence lawyer, you run the risk of being stuck in prison for a long time, even if there was a justification for your actions.

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