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The labour law by the Constitution of India that governs the issues that relate to the employment system and for the employees in it. The segments of the employment system that are to be protected by the labour law are the working condition of the employees, the minimum wage structure, the social security and the protection of the employees in the form of insurance who are engaged in the hazardous work. The need of the labour law generated during the British Rule in India. The British people being the ruling class and superior to the Indians, exploited in every possible way. There was no freedom of work for them. The workers were always underpaid. But, after the Independence of India, the formation of the Labour Law helped the Indian labours or the employees to have better working conditions. This law was initially built to protect the employees of the developed and the important industries. During the later phase, the amendment of the law has included the various sectors of life the handicraft industries, the agricultural industry, the small-scale industry, the workers, etc. With the same amendments, the labour law has got clubbed into some 4 or 5 Acts of the Indian Constitution. Some of these acts of the labour law are the Wage Act. the Industrial Relations Act, etc. The labour law now protects the working conditions, the protection of their wagers, the insurance from the hazardous work, the pension and the gratuity of the employees. With an alarming rate of cases, people tend to look for the best labour lawyer in Chennai.  


Difficulties faced by people while looking for a good labour lawyer in Chennai:-

The British have always exploited the Indian and have extracted their benefits out of the Indian workers. The labours had no job security or the social security. Hence, they always have the uncertain future which strategically made them always dependant on the ruling class. The Independence has brought in a little change in the condition but still today the employees get exploited in their work field. The unorganized sectors always take the advantage of the higher demand of the work. Furthermore, the range of labour lawyer fees in Chennai is is quite high, makes difficult for some clients to afford. The underpaid workers still exist in the system and the socially insecure employees too. The lag in the Indian Judiciary makes the situation more difficult to deal with the conditions.


How MyAdvo helps you get labour lawyers in Chennai:-

MyAdvo is one of the notable lawyers’ associations among many others. The list of every single famous labour lawyers in Chennai is in their form and this helps the clients to choose the appropriate advocates according to their requirements. There is also a salient feature of the online legal assistance for the clients. The clients can avail this on a 24X7 hours basis. The booking process of the legal assistance is hassle free and the clients can get it done through the online procedure. The clients of MyAdvo are dealt with great care. Each of these clients is assisted with the personalized case managers. These managers preserver the important case-related documents in the cloud-based server. The affluent families' managers to deal with the financial matters but the majority of the clients have the financial crunches. Hence, considering everyone, MyAdvo works with their clients at a very reasonable rate.

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