Few interesting facts about leather jackets for men and women

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Certain dressing items – like leather jackets – by default come with certain perks. And that include much attitude and a rich heritage. The item was initially designed for men and thus it radiated unfiltered masculinity. Thus jackets for men made of leather – in the bygone eras – were more synonymous with pilots, motorcycles, Hollywood action movies and even punks to some extent.

The gradual phase shift

However, gradually in course of time the high-testosterone menswear became viral with the divas, although interestingly, without losing its versatile appeal and cult status. As a result, it lost much of its macho features, incorporating a host of elements that suit the women. Thus different categories of leather jackets for men and women exist in the market and it is not difficult to identify them at a glance.

The first contemporary design ever

If we look back at history, sometime in the early 1900s German aviators and military personnel started donning leather jackets. In 1928 a raincoat maker based in Manhattan, Irving Scott, designed a jacket for motorcyclists. It is regarded as the first ever contemporary-looking design of the iconic dressing item.

His designed leather jacket offered much protection to motorcyclists from both elements and accidents. Irving named his creation ‘Perfecto’ after his favorite brand of cigar and Harley Davidson readily accepted his work and entered into business with him.     

Real leather jackets for women

History never stands idle for anything or anyone. Within the turn of a couple of decades the World War II came knocking. It was during this time leather jackets underwent a phase change. The jacket was recognized for the warmth and comfort it offers and found its way inside the cockpits of bomber or fighter planes. In other words a new version of leather jackets for men came into existence and it was called bomber.

Between then and now leather jackets – with varying features and innovative styles – have made and unmade cults many a times.

Today it is definitely an expensive addition to any wardrobe. Considering this fact it is better not to be a rebel without a clue. Rather one should focus on making shrewd purchases. Thus we arrive at one of the most significant questions:

Reasons are many to invest in a leather jacket, specially for the divas. Let us explore some of major factors in the following lines.

1) A leather jacket ensures your stylish appearance.

2) It also protects you from physical injury to a large extent. 

3) You can also team it up with both formal and casual dresses with equal ease.

4) The jackets are long-lasting with nominal care and maintenance.

5) By nature these jackets are resistant to dust and moisture.

6) They are comparatively easy to maintain than many other dressing items.

How much should you pay for a leather jacket?

Designers, who deal with this range of commodity, emphasis on the fact that there are as many price points as there are jackets in existence. Usually you get what you pay for although it is not unknown that people also pay for the name or the brand.

 As a conscious and well-informed consumer you should consider two factors while buying leather jackets – the type of the leather used and the quality of the jacket. Any quality leather item has a supple and soapy texture. Jackets are no different.

On the other hand, a well-designed jacket made of leather – just like any other garment – should not have unnecessary seams. Professionals designing real leather jacket for women over the years point out that cheaply designed leather garments are often found to have multiple seams. The type of leather that you should choose depends on what exactly you expect from the jacket. Go for calfskin or lambskin, if you want softness but beware these varieties are usually not long-lasting.

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