Features That Make Cremation Better Than Burial Service

A funeral home is a place that has to be contacted, no matter how hard a person may try. They offer a whole plethora of funeral homes services and one is cremation that is slowing getting more and more popular in the western world as well. However, still it is recommended that before choosing a service provider for this service, you carry out an in-depth research because this way, you will be able to get hold of a reputed service provider. The first thing to see is for how long they have been offering this service and in case, you don’t know to much about this, read this post as we discuss this method of body disposition as well as its benefit.

What is Direct Cremation? 

•   According to repute and highly experienced, this is one of the most economical methods of saying Good Bye to the deceased and this is done in just a couple of days after the death.
•   This way, in some sense it can be said that it is a time-saving option as well as compared to funeral that involves a number of days because of the number of events.
•   The best feature of this method is that there are no funeral home services before the cremation, no viewing and no preparation of the body prior to cremation.
•   In fact, the clothes that the deceased was wearing at the time of death are also cremated with the body, thereby making it a cost-effective option.
•   This process can be commenced after receiving the Certificate of Death from the authorities and after all the preparations related to cremation are over.
•   Experts believe it to be a very quick, easy, affordable and economical option getting rid of the dead body and particularly beneficial for those who cannot afford the expensive option, i.e., the funeral.

Benefits of Direct Cremation 

Other than being cost-effective and time-saving, this service offered by funeral homes has several other benefits for those opting for it and some of them have been discussed here.

Less Fuss

•   The death of someone in a family is a personal affair for that family and it is very understandable that the family would not want to make a fuss about it and this can be done easily by opting for cremation.
•   This could also be an ideal option for those who are pre-planning and want to have a simple body disposition without any needless extras.
•   This method involves zero body preparation, no viewing, no funeral service, and no burial and the process can be carried out in just a couple of days after the death.

Reduce Environmental Impact

•   One thing that we all know is that burial process is very much space consuming because the entire casket has to be buried and this takes a lot of space for sure.
•   On the other hand, there are no impacts whatsoever of the process of direct cremation because there would be no space need for the process.
•   Just in case, you want to follow the process of burial after cremation, all you will have for burying is the urn that will require a very small amount of land.
•   Another option is that you can bring the ashes in an urn or simply scatter the ashes and with this, there would be no usage of land at all, thereby making it the most environmentally-friendly option. 

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