FAQs about Hernia Surgery and Post Operative Care

by Surabhi Upadhaya digital marketer

As we all know a hernia is treated through surgery, there are three types of hernia surgeries- open hernia repair, laparoscopic hernia repair, and robotic hernia repair. Mainly, patients are curious about the post-operative care for herniae. If you are also planning to undergo hernia surgery and have numerous queries in your mind regarding this, then this blog is for you. The best in this hernia specialist doctor in Kolkata article has collected and addressed some of the fears and doubts that patients often have at the time of discharge after they undergo a hernia operation, and tried to give the point answers to those questions. Read on!

Ø How many days of bed rest is required after a hernia operation?

It is nothing but a myth that after one major operation, one has to remain under complete bed rest and should not move out of the bed for several days. In reality, it can harm a patient. Hence, for hernia surgery even on the same day of surgery, we make the patients get out of bed and let them walk slowly and comfortably. And, the benefit of this is that when a patient starts walking, his breathing improves, the blood circulation from the leg starts flowing to the heart, and thereby, the chances of any blood clot developing in the lower limbs, are less. Eventually, the patient’s intestine starts functioning like earlier, and their appetite is returned like earlier. Therefore, absolute bed rest is no longer recommended for hernia operations.

Ø Can I resume gaming after a hernia operation?

The hernia is an issue that can be faced by any age group of patients, from children to fit adults. Most of the young health-conscious adults who have the habit of doing regular physical exercises and going to gyms, when getting a hernia, they get psychologically demoralized thinking that once they have got a hernia and undergone an operation for that, will no longer be able to go back to the gym for doing physical exercises. In this matter, let us inform you that after laparoscopic groin hernia repair surgery, a patient can resume day-to-day activities on the third day of surgery. And, in a month a patient is allowed to resume jogging or walking. From six weeks onwards, a patient can do strenuous exercises, and from three months, a fit young patient, who has been used to weight training, can go back to the gym and start doing weight training.

Ø How can I prevent my hernia from coming back again after the surgery?

It is one of the valid questions that people often ask. Because a lot of patients are often scared of having a hernia come back again or a recurrence where he has to undergo the entire process of surgery. Along with providing the best hernia treatment in Kolkata, we advise our patients-

·       To avoid heavy weight-lifting

·       Strictly adhere to our dietary plan

·       To make sure of having high fiber and high fluid intake so that they do not end up straining at stool, especially during the initial part of the healing.

·       Complete avoidance of smoking, drinking alcohol and avoiding excessive weight gain.

Apart from these, there are so many frequently asked questions regarding hernia surgery and post-operative care that will not suffice in a single article. Hence, for more effective post-operative cure advice and low-risk procedures, consult with the best Hernia specialist doctor in Kolkata

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