FACTS to THINK about

by Marius Wlassak Business Media Consultant

Let's talk about a 11+ Billion industry. 

Estimated to be a 13 Billion+ industry by 2022... 

  • Piece of pie needed?

So, if you’ve ever wanted a business that helps others, 

the question you should be asking yourself isn’t, 

Can I be successful at this?”

It should be, “What am I willing to do to make it happen?”

Because entering an $11 billion industry is very promising.

However, as you’re about to discover, there’s even more to be excited about.

As an ONPASSIVE solution manager and knowledge anchoryou will not share theories with your clients that overpromise and underdeliver…

You offer a practical, All in One results-driven program that can return any initial investment many times over.

You won’t just be calling yourself a coach or consultant. 

You will lead your clients through a proven, extremely powerful, 

and structured 24/7/365- time process that is designed to get them the SPECIFIC & BEST results they want.

Yes, these are times to redo all from the grounds. 

Human kind was not able to consciously use the chance for a good and useful communication. 

Social platforms have failed miserably in distributing almost non-value and misinformation. 

Now the problem is globally, quite 1-2 decades later than i expected it to happen. But now it will have a more dramatic effect than we can imagine. 

For longer, even 1 decade+ artists, solo entrepreneurs, as well as middle and major companies, yet whole branches will be dead financially and most of their leaders even will not recoup and even will not have the courage to start over, at least in this generation. 

The main problem

Fear and this was transformed with shakespearian orchestration by politics and evil elites wordwide into a final financial crises. 

Just be all reading be assured that every word is not intented at all to lead to any, not even smallest idea of  pessimism, so that the need to finish the read is a need. 

The FED is sending another four trillion into the system...

Lol... good that it's electronic these days, otherwise we would soon run out of paper :)

...I know, but to visualize it is a blatant...

Trump 4000 // Olaf Scholz Germany: 40 :) (but for small enterprises, 30 of which are intended as loans)

 It's the same pattern as 9/11. 

Creating a problem to enforce your/ their "solution". 

As in the war on terror, we are now once again on the move against an invisible enemy "the coronavirus". 

Here facts are mixed with fiction, so that the population is sitting in a darkened room and seeing what is really going on. We must remain vigilant friends.

Now imagine this:

What if soon many internet providers will close their doors being unable to continue their services; what if communication providers will close?

  • Communication like in old days, no phones, no PC.

All signs are leading to this, all in a few big raptors hands.

The panic created leads to an even more disastrous  scenario... anyway financials and assets are in the pockets of just 1% of worlds population. All others live from day to day, now panicated to buy food and things they need while their production and global exchangability declines.

So, the next steps knocks: money are infected, so they all will be transformed into digital assets like national crypto currencies - WoW

Only cards to be used upfront, so now the total control is given - we know now: who. when, how much and for what they leave their homes absolutely exactly.


99% will not be able than to sleep, wake up, go to work for salaries which will not rise anymore because " the pandemic is worser than the experts have forseen" and renumeration will be in digital formats,

And as we know: errors or even sudden disappears from accounts can happen due to "technical" problems => your life, your time, your haves, all is stolen with a simple argument:

YOU MUST STAY AT HOME - its dangerous otherwise, even to think opposite.


So, for now we say, Goodbye


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Marius Wlassak Magnate I   Business Media Consultant
* to be watched =>

I wish you a quiet / stress-free time despite the very exciting upcoming 2-4 months.

We all wished for a positive historical "cleansing", which is now taking place in silence.

This medial manipulation and total market crash had to be, so that the "cleaning" can be carried out quietly and without danger for everyone.

Hopefully people will start to think more about their health and to read more about it and above all to finally do the right thing!

! Anyway nothing more to do the next decades anymore.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
All the best & love
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do ha Innovator  hado
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Mar 23rd 2020 23:13   
Marius Wlassak Magnate I   Business Media Consultant
Thanks Do Ha - good decision, go for it
Apr 1st 2020 00:04   
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