Factors Influencing The Price Of An Air Conditioner

by Divya S. Content Writer

With summers round the corner, there will be a huge demand for air-conditioners especially in places which are hot and humid. But with so many different brands available, the customer is generally spoilt for choice. Hence in order to make his selection process easier, here is a brief look at the features that need to be looked into before the purchase of the most appropriate air conditioner which will provide value for money to the consumer.

Important features of ACs

Some popular and essential features which need to be looked into and compared are:

·         Thermostat: This is the feature which controls the temperature thereby enabling the user to adjust the cooling factor of the room.  Thus it also helps to maintain a consistent temperature after the same has been set and facilitates other features like automatic cut-off thereby saving electricity.

·         Digital display: While most models come with a digital display of temperature, there are some basic models which are low priced but do not have a digital display. But irrespective of whether a customer needs to buy ac online or from the shop, it is important to ensure that it has a digital display since these models:

o   Enable accurate temperature settings,

o   Have the facility for automatic cut-off,

o   Help set the timer for start and stop,

o   Display the start and stop of the compressor unit etc.

·         Fan speed: The fan speed controls the rate at which the room gets cooled. Hence for higher fan speeds, the room gets cooled faster while for lower fan speeds they take longer. There are generally two types of settings available with regards to fan speed:

o   Two speed wherein changes can only be made from low to high and vice-versa and

o   Three speed wherein changes can be made in between three options of low, medium and high.

This is also one of the factors which influence the cost of air conditioner as well as the noise that it makes and should thus be taken into consideration especially when the installation for the same needs to be done in the bedroom.

·         Filter type: The type of the filter present within the AC ensures its convenience especially when cleaning. The health of the airflow depends on the cleanliness of the filter and thus cleaning it on a regular basis ensures a room with clean and healthy air. Irrespective of whether the model chosen is an Inverter split AC, a normal split AC or window AC, there are only two types of filter that are used. They are the:

o   Standard filters: This basic common filter type needs to be periodically changed or replaced to enable filtered healthy air-flow.

o   Washable filters: They are much more durable as they can be effectively cleaned and washed either in the kitchen or the bathroom.

·         Energy start rating: The energy start ratings given to all ACs including even the best inverter ac depend on the power consumption of the same. In fact ACs with star ratings are said to operate with about 15% more efficiency thereby reducing the electrical consumption considerably.

All the above given factors influence bot the price, utility and functionality of the AC. In fact with inverter ACs being the latest entrant, even the Inverter AC price depends on the above factors. Hence they need to be given their due deliberation before making the final purchase.

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