Factors Determining Hair Transplant Cost

by Ankur S. Technical Writer

Hair loss is a deliberating condition which poses adverse effects on the self-confidence and psychology of the individual. A large number of patients seek hair transplant procedure to restore their self-esteem. In this cosmetic procedure, hair follicles are transplanted from the recipient site to the donor site. The donor site is usually the area with low incidence of hair loss such as back of the head. There are a number of techniques used to extract hair follicles from the donor site. Two commonly used techniques are given below:

1.       Follicular unit transplantation (FUT): Also known as strip procedure, this technique employs surgical removal of hair follicles from the donor site in a strip method. The follicular unit grafts (FUG) extracted from the strip by the technicians are implanted at the area of baldness by the surgeon.

2.       Follicular unit extraction (FUE): In this method, the hair follicles are extracted using an instrument known as fine punch. The FUGs are extracted from the follicles by the technicians and are transplanted at the site of hair loss by the surgeon. In this method, considerably less scarring occurs.

Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery:

Hair transplant surgery is an extensively popular aesthetic surgery and is conducted at multiple centres in India and around the globe. This procedure is an outpatient procedure and does not require hospital admission and stay. The cost of hair transplant is one of the important factors considered by the patient. From the last few years, India has been the choice of thousands of patients seeking treatment for hair loss because of world class treatment provided by the Indian surgeons at low cost. The cost of hair transplant depends on multiple parameters which are given below:

·         Pattern of Hair Loss:

The cost of the hair transplant depends primarily on the pattern and extent of hair loss. The cost of the procedure increases with increasing grade of the hair loss from grade I to grade VI. The surgeon will estimate the extent of hair loss at consultation visit and will inform the patient about the estimated cost of the treatment depending upon the extent of hair loss. The hair transplant surgery is usually charged on the basis of per graft charge for grade 1 to 4 hair loss. Furthermore, a lump sum amount is charged for grade 5 to 7 hair loss.

·         Location of the Surgery:

The cost of hair transplant in India is much less and economical as compared to the cost in Western countries. Indian surgeons are equally skilled and provide world class facilities in Indian clinics at one-fourth of the charge in countries such as US, UK, Australia and Dubai. Thus, a person planning to undergo hair transplant surgery might end up paying huge money for only a single session of hair transplantation. On the other hand, if the person plans to travel to India to undergo the surgery, they can save up to 70 to 80 percent of the cost and can avail same standard facilities in Indian hair transplant centres.  However, the total cost depends on the technique used to harvest the follicular unit grafts (FUGs) and the number of sessions required for the desired results.

·         Technique used for Hair Transplant:

On comparing FUT with FUE with respect to the cost, FUE is expensive because of being time consuming procedure. However, FUE has advantage of minimal scarring at the recipient site unlikely to FUT where a longitudinal scar is occurs at the recipient site after the procedure. FUE procedure is done in those patients who wish to wear short hairs.

·         Facilities Provided For The Surgery:

The cost of the treatment highly depends on the infrastructure of the center and facilities provided by them. The hair transplant centres with international standard instruments and moderns technologies might cost more as compared to other centres. Furthermore, some clinics employ experienced technicians for handling the air follicles which might increase the cost of the treatment. However, cost should not be a constraint in these cases because there are more chances of positive outcomes of the surgery using these services. 


At last, I would like to add that there are multiple variables which decide the cost of the hair transplant treatment. We must analyse and research each variable in detail before making decision about the surgery. 

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