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Expresses are combined bets where players need to predict the results of several sporting events. If all events are guessed correctly, the bettor receives a win equal to the product of all odds, of which the express is composed, multiplied by the bet amount. Thus, it is possible to raise a good sum for a minimum bet.

Guessing the outcomes of all events included in the express is difficult enough even for experienced players. However, even under these conditions, certain restrictions are imposed by bookmakers' offices: it is possible to limit the events included in the express, there must not be two interdependent events (victory and individual team total).


All betting players working with expresses should take into account two nuances:

The fewer events that make up an express bet, the higher the probability of winning. The amount will be less than on expresses consisting of ten outcomes with large odds, but it can be obtained. If one of the events is not guessed, the bet loses, even if the other events are guessed correctly. The lower the odds of individual events, the higher the chances of winning. If you wish, you can insure and bet by a system.


Types of parlay bets

In theory, for parlay bets, you can use various exotic bets and statistics. In practice, most often bets are made on traditional results: main outcomes, totals, handicaps. In each case there are some nuances.

Particularly popular are bets on the main outcome, or the winning of one of the teams. Such bets are made on the condition that the player is fully confident in the victory of one of the teams. When making express bets, it is better to insure and place a bet on a double result (12, 1X, 2X). As a result, the odds will decrease (which is not critical for a parlay) and the probability of winning will increase.

The same approach is used for including totals in express bets. Bookmakers like offer good odds on totals of 3.5 and above. However, each office has decent analysts on their payroll who will be asked if the odds are wrongly calculated. For single bets the total more or less than 4.5 will do. For parlays - not higher than 1.5. One goal is scored in almost any match, higher is a certain risk.

Goal plays are often used in single bets. In expresses they are less widespread, and are used more for safety precautions. For example, if two teams, equal in strength, meet, it is possible to use both double outcome and bet with handicaps.


Parlay Betting Strategies

Professional players have developed many sports betting strategies. Some of them are focused on a quick win, others work for the future. Others don't work. Let's look at a few basic strategies.

Multi event expresses include 8-10 outcomes. High odds, risk, and excitement. Such bets are quite rare, but in those rare cases they bring a big profit. You can increase the probability of an express by including only the most likely outcomes with small odds, but sometimes the favorite loses to a potential underdog in a tournament. It is not recommended concentrating on the same sports: if you bet on the outcomes of a dozen hockey matches, at least 1-2 will be deliberately wrong.

A safe express includes 4 or 5 events with small odds, usually between 1.10 and 1.30. At these odds, the probability that each individual odd will play is quite high. In this case the express of five bets with odds 1.20 will be calculated at odds 2.49. This strategy is among the most profitable and relatively safe ones, with the nuance that sensations are always possible in sports and the last year's champion can lose the current season.

A smart express, or counter bet, is placed on the basis of an earlier express bet. Sometimes the situation is not in the bettor's favor, and there is one game left before the final outcome. In this case, the player selects the appropriate bet size, odds and bets on the outcome opposite to that specified in the previous express. Regardless of how the sporting event ends, the player will be left with either his own money or a profit.

To win a Parlay, it is necessary to predict the outcomes of all matches. The more bets included in a Parlay, the higher the odds and the lower the probability of winning.

Inexperienced players often bet on their favourite teams, or on teams they know nothing about. In order for the bet to play, you need to study the teams, get acquainted with the history of personal meetings, analyze the behavior of the opponents in the season and the importance of the individual match. In this case, your chances of winning will be much higher.

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