Explore 6 Common Types of Water Purification Systems for Home

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The water pollution has become one of biggest problems for human being on this earth. It’s happening due to increasing rate of industrialization and environment degradation, which impacts badly on the natural water quality and makes it full of contaminants like chemicals, sand, dust, dirt, bacteria, gasses, and other micro-organisms too. These flaws do huge contamination of water and make it non drinkable too. Thus, it is important to keep water resources clean and avoid immersing industrial wastes, human wastes and other contaminants into the rivers, lacks, and other water sources available on the earth.

To keep clean contaminated water, the engineers have been developed many latest technology water purification systems, which are boon of technology and has been simplified the issues of water pollution at major extent. Now-a-days, there are varied types of water filter systems have been designed by the experts, which have made powerful enough to keep water clean up to 99% and can remove its all types of contaminants like sand, dirt, chemicals, bacteria, mud, and other micro-organisms too. The engineers have designed water purification systems for home and industrial uses as well. However, there is a great demand seen for home water purification systems, which are right options to clean water at home for drinking purpose.

Let’s take a look on some common types of home water purification systems available on the market such as:

1. Active Carbon Filters

It is a useful water filter type that is good enough to purify soluble gasses in the water like chlorine, nitrogen, ammonia, carbon monoxide, etc. Moreover, this purifier is effective in removing micro-organisms in water like algae, virus, bacteria, and other dead things can be washed out easily through this filter. This purifier uses active carbon that is effective to absorb harmful gasses and other organism in water and flush them out easily. However, active carbon filter process is being followed highly in water cleaning industries as well as in home purifiers.  

2. Reverse Osmosis Filters

It is one of the highly used and latest RO technology based home water purifier system that is being used in homes and industries too. This is a multi-stage water filter system, which also uses active carbons to clean water. This filter is useful in cleaning tap water by cleaning its impurities like bacteria, sand, mud, dirt, virus, etc. To remove such flaws, the filter uses active carbons as well as follows process of reverse osmosis to clean water completely. The tap water is passed through a membrane that filters water contaminants easily and allows clean water to pass through itself. At the end the impurities will be flushed out through outlet pipes.  Moreover, the RO purifiers for home are also useful in enhancing quality minerals and taste of water too.

3. Alkaline Water Filters

It is one of the highly used water purifiers at home, which is effective in maintaining or increasing PH level of water along with minerals which are useful for human body. Moreover, this filter increases taste of water and removes its flaws like bacteria, dust, dirt, sand, etc. Besides, alkaline water filter increases concentration of anti-oxidants in water that is also useful for immunity of human body. You will find the best alkaline water filters on the marketplaces in diverse specifications and price ranges too.

4. Ultra-Violet Filters

This water filter is also effective in killing harmful bacteria, virus, mist, and other micro-organisms in water. This purifier uses ultra-violet light to kill those elements in the water to makes it safe for drinking purpose. Moreover, UV filters for home have made effective to remove pesticides and pathogens, chemicals, and colors mixed in water up to 99%. Thus, it is a perfect water filter type for cleaning water and has great application at home as well.  

5. Ceramic Filters

These are hollow cylinders, which are composed from clay and other combustible materials like rice husks, sawdust, etc. Moreover, this type of filter is useful in eliminating bacteria and mist in water through small pores available in the system. Moreover, it is effective in removing chlorine and E coli bacteria in water up to 99%. Besides, this filter keeps water clean and protects it from re-contamination as well.

6. Ion Exchange Resins Filters

This water filter is useful in softening the water by absorbing harmful minerals present in water. This filter softens the water by sucking up salts and chemicals mixed in the water and remove them completely.

Thus, above are six most popular and effective water purifiers for home and industrial uses that you can also get at reasonable prices from branded shops and suppliers on the market. 

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