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When it comes to heating and cooling your home, you are always looking for practical ways to save. A heat pump is an efficient home heating and cooling system that transfers heat from one area and sends it to another. They come in a variety of models – including ductless and work with your thermostat to control your home’s temperature.

Your refrigerator is the right example of a heat pump (although it only works one way). It takes the hot air from inside the fridge and sends it over compressor coils at the back, sending hot air out. Just think of all the times you have stood in front of the fridge and felt warmth on the floor or blowing against your ankles. In the winter months, an air source heat pump will extract heat from the air outside, and send it into your home to warm you up.

What makes Heat Pumps in Christchurch so great is that they can reverse direction in the summer, taking the heat from your home and sending it outside to keep you cool. They are really more efficient than air conditioners – which saves money. It is one of the reasons so many Christchurch residents are making the switch.

Heat pumps do work in places where it gets extra chilly, but even with cold climate models, there are limits to their heating power. The colder the air gets, the less efficient your heat pump becomes, simply because there is not enough heat to extract from the air. But have no fear: that’s when your furnace will come to the rescue. You can turn your furnace on when the temperature dips, and still get the level of heat you want. 

Electricity is costly. But when you do the math, a heat pump system does save money over using gas. Anything that heats your home is measured using a metric called the coefficient of performance (COP). This compares how much heat is delivered for every unit of energy a system uses. Heat pumps have a higher COP rating than gas, propane, and electric furnaces, which means you would see a significant savings, even with the difference in gas and electricity rates.

Heat pump systems are most often used as air conditioners. In the summer, the process is simply reversed: warm air is removed from your home. Not only will this keep you cool, but it works as a dehumidifier as well. This makes a heat pump an efficient alternative to an air conditioner.

If you want an effective home heating and cooling system that is no-fuss, no-muss, then a heat pump is for you. They are one of the most convenient systems out there. With regular heat pump maintenance, you barely have to think about them.

So, ensure your huge savings today with Heat Pumps in Christchurch.

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