E-Waste Recycling: Play Your Part and Recycle Your Waste

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E-waste, also known as electronic waste, comes in many forms that include mobile phones, computers, smartphones, TVs, DVD players, and other electrical devices. Unlike the usual waste materials that are being disposed of, these discarded electronic materials do not go rotten for a few days. Rather, they simply have reached their expirations and usage cut-off.  

For a progressive country like Australia, the usage of these technologies is extensive. And as a country with the highest users of electronic devices on the whole planet, dealing with e-waste is truly a big problem. With a large amount of e-waste being produced in a year, a smart and innovative action is taken place, and that is E-waste Recycling 

What Is E-Waste Recycling? 

E-waste recycling involves the deep conversion of electronic equipment to a reusable state. Used electronic devices are reprocessed to avoid extreme containments of rubbish in landfills and depots. This is an environment-friendly action that benefits humans and preserve environmental health.  

Irresponsible dismantling of these waste materials can cause harm to the community. However, reusing and refurbishing them will promote greener living for all individuals.  

In Australia, where e-waste production is massive, businesses and companies have handled this concern by introducing ways to stop and control the problem. This opened doors for electronic recycling in Australia, a service that aims to administer and help in recycling electronic devices that are still accessible for further usage.  

What We Can Do to Help Solve the Growing E-Waste Problem  

Since e-waste is becoming the number one concern for many countries, looking for ways to control its negative impact on the environment is of utmost importance. Below are some ways to solve this growing issue: 

Recycle e-waste – This is the first option we can do. In order to stop its negative effect on the environment, especially with landfills, recycling your e-waste can be the better alternative.  

Stop throwing electronic devices – Don't trash them! One way to control this problem is to never throw your e-waste to the garbage or dumps. Simply recycle it or drop it off to your nearest e-waste recycling provider.  

Only purchase eco-friendly electronic products – Buy electronic devices that are approved under environmental protocols. These types of devices will not cause any harm to the environment once damaged. 

Take care of your devices – One major reason why we keep on producing e-waste is not taking special care for our devices. Always keep your device clean and tidy. Also, overcharging your mobile devices or appliances will cause your equipment to drop its battery life.  

What I Can Take to the e-waste Drop-Off Site? 

Below are electronic devices and appliances that can be made for recycling purposes: 

Phones – Mobile, landline, and smartphones 

Home appliances – Small appliances at home: vacuum, toasters, microwaves, heaters, fans, etc.  

Computer parts – PC/monitor, printers, scanners, tablets, mouse, desktop, web cameras, hard drives, and joysticks, central processing units 

Office electrical equipment – DVD players, photocopiers, fax transmissions/machines, stereos, projectors, etc. 

Household tools – saws, lawn mowers, trimmers, etc.  

TVs – black and coloured televisions 

What I can’t take to the e-waste drop-off site? 

Some of the materials that can’t be taken to e-waste drop-off sites include dangerous equipment or waste products (like chemical-based materials), energy-saving equipment, and other hazardous waste textiles.  

Play Your Part. Recycle E-Waste! 

Instead of blaming others for irresponsible e-waste disposal, we need to take action. This phenomenon won’t change unless we act on it.  

Do you have e-waste materials at home? Contact the number one service provider for e-waste disposal in Melbourne and Sydney today! 

Eco IT Solutions offers the best e-waste disposal and control service. Our recycling program is established to promote a greener and healthier lifestyle for the Australian people. Our main goal is to recycle e-waste materials while still ensuring that data is protected, secured, and destroyed. We sell reusable electronic items at an affordable price, all coming from recycled electronic materials. Our e-waste solutions have created the way for successful e-waste management in Australia.  

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