Everything You Really Need To Know About Social Influencer Marketing

by Roy Dev Best Social Influencer Marketing Agency
If you've been reading digital media manuals for the past few years, there's a fair possibility you'll have come across the words influencer marketing or influence marketing. The way people talk about how good social influencer marketing is can make it

sound like a magical marketing success recipe However, what exactly is it and why does it matter?


The challenge of social influencer marketing is to put your finger on someone who's a true influencer. And often, many advertisers mistake that with celebrity endorsements — that is not what brand power is (more about that here). Yes, celebrities are influential, but that's not the sort of influence that influencer marketing is all about.

Influencer marketing is about using the influence of word-of-mouth ads by bringing someone in your business or niche to speak about your brand. Instances of influencers are thought-provoking business figures, analysts, and other officials.

This is where celebrity endorsements and the best influencer marketing agency Kolkata go their own way. Celebrities are about fame, while opinion leaders are about influence—they're not necessarily the same thing.


The traditional advertisement is getting less successful year by year. Users are increasingly accustomed to advertisements, and more businesses are spamming people with copycat marketing campaigns.

How do you stand out from your target audience? You're a collaborator of influencers who they already trust.

Here are the unique advantages:

High ROI

Influencer marketing could 11x the ROI that you get from traditional social and banner advertising. You can achieve the high ROI by adopting a few main principles:

  • Set concrete goals for your campaign.
  • Act with relevant influencers with demographics who align with the target audience.
  • Measure outcomes using key performance indicators (KPIs) that are guided by the goals.
  • Why do marketing influencers perform so well? It is since the viewers have chosen to receive their content. Whereas advertisements divert viewers from the content they want to buy.

A Little Tip: Make a recommendation system for influencers to sign up for other influencer marketing agency Kolkata. Offer them a percentage of the registrations or sales generated by their own referrals. Now your influencers are not just your advertisers. They're the sales team, too.

That will further improve your ROI. In reality, you are also limiting the risk by the use of innovative deal structures. For instance, instead of paying an influencer first for a single article, you can give a commission for each transaction they produce. The smaller influencers are more open to this—assuming the product looks real, and they trust that their audience will purchase it.

Brand perception

You will increase the visibility of your social influencer marketing by making geo rollouts: Partners with a variety of relevant influencers in the same geographical area. Make both of them sharing your product in the same month. This gives the consumer customers the idea that everybody is talking about your product—and that they need to hear more about it.

Social proof

After you run an ad for an influencer, ask for their approval to run their testimonial as part of your paid ads. And, when people see your advertising, they know that other trustworthy people believe you. That's how you manipulate a one-time campaign by an influencer marketing agency forever.


There is no doubt that marketing has advanced into the social media world. Your company can't afford to be left behind, not when as many as 70% of brands spend more money on social media marketing.

And social media is no doubt an afterthought to corporate media. For many companies, this is where the true fight for recognition and brand awareness is taking place.

The explanation for this is simple: social media is more interactive. Customers tend to communicate with brands instead of referring to them, which is what conventional advertising has been about for many years.

Customers tend to be educated, amused, and impressed by advertisers instead of being asked to purchase Product A over Product B. This is where social media influencers do the most marketing harm. Since they have a pulse on their respective audiences, nearly everything they claim is regarded as credible and useful knowledge.

So, actively working with the right people helps to get the products out there, contributing to increased brand visibility and organic conversion.


Nowadays, customers value knowledge coming from third parties rather than brands—you're actually doing this yourself. Think of the last time you tried to buy a commodity that you know nothing about. Chances are, you asked somebody you know—maybe an acquaintance or family member—if they would voucher a brand they can trust.

The same definition refers to influencer marketing, in that the influencer is the guy who vows with his fans to your company, who also happens to be your target customers. Owing to the close relationship between the influencer and his audience, the best influencer marketing agency Kolkata has the ability to boost traffic to your website and social media platforms, obtain more insights and improve revenue.


While the idea of an influencer is fluid, these people are usually active on social media and almost all produce content on their own, whether it's on blogs, videos, webinars, or podcasts. And because of the excellent content they produce, their followers see them as a trustworthy source of useful knowledge.

It's not enough to just collaborate with a guy who has thousands of followers. You want your target influencers to suit your company in a contextual way, such that any time your brand and its goods are listed, there is a high probability that it will produce leads and sales. For instance, if your company is a dealer of automobiles and their parts, then you would naturally want to work with someone who is a trusted name in the automotive industry.



The influencer marketing agency Kolkata of a brand is not inherently an influencer for you. Again, all this is about significance. For instance, mentioning someone famous such as Neil Patel will be extremely helpful, but only if your company is a provider of certain digital marketing services.

However, if you're a real estate firm, your most successful audience probably won't be interested in your services. Sure, you might see a traffic increase, but not revenue. And in the end, profits are what you want. We will explain more about this in the third point.

Influence and Reach

Okay, so you've met someone that suits well with your brand. But does that person have the juice of marketing to back it up? Is there really going to be a mention of your brand? In other words, does that person have the kind of impact to reach something worth investing in? If you're marketing beauty products, having an Instagram model on board might not be such a bad idea.


At the end of the day, you want an influencer that is not only important and reasonably powerful but also someone who can motivate organic action. This is the kind of influencer marketing agency that generates inbound behavior. In other words, it's someone who decides to obey their own volition.

You see, this way, the influencer's audience is involved and very interested in what he or she has to say. So, once the influencer references you, their group is likely to convert into your fans.


Okay, now you have a pretty decent idea of what your dream influencer is like. The next challenge is to find one. Not shockingly, social media is the first platform you can look at. Start with a social media audit—are there people with social media who have listed your brand? If it's not your brand, how about your goods and services? Are these users using all of the related hashtags? What issues are they worried about?

If you've found your target influencer marketing agency Kolkata, engage them in a follow-up or something like that. You may then propose a content element in exchange for a preview of the product/service. Just make sure you take your time to build a friendship with the influencers instead of just calling for a quid per quo arrangement.


This simple guide was meant to clear up any doubt you may have had about the topic of influencer marketing, and now it's heading to races. Outline your perfect influencer and start searching for someone who suits your company contextually.

And note, take your time to establish relationships with the influencers. You don't want to be the man at a trade fair or conference who brags about himself to everybody he encounters. Try to get anything of worth in exchange, if you can get a favor.

Lastly, please don't forget: you want your social influencer marketing campaigns to carry money, not just visibility. Yeah, visibility is necessary, but it can never be the ultimate aim of any marketing campaign.



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