Everything to Know about Roots Cleaning in Drain Pipes

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There are plenty of reasons why a drain can get clogged, but one of the most common reasons for blocked drains is tree roots. Roots tend to grow in the direction of a source of water and end up clogging sewer lines causing damage to the pipelines. This can necessitate actions like cleaning the drain pipes, drain excavation and sewer repairs.

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 This is because root growth can cause immense damage to a property, especially to its pipes and plumbing. This is why it is important to hire an expert who specializes in root cleaning in BondiBy applying routine root killers, a plumbing contractor can prevent severe root damage from occurring. Besides that, this article discusses the signs, consequences and preventive measures for root growth in the sewer lines. 


What Happens When Roots grow in a Sewer Line?

A common sign of root damage is a clogged drain that won't budge. To confirm that this is indeed caused by the growth of tree roots in the sewer lines an assessment is carried out by a professional plumbing expert to identify the following signs;


✔ Broken Pipes

Trees can be robust, hence their roots are likely to adhere to the same strength as this plays a fundamental role in the tree's survival. The smallest fracture in a drain pipe is a suitable opportunity for the roots to invade. With time, the pressure applied by the growth of the roots would eventually clog the drain pipe and cause severe breakage.   


✔ Sinkholes in the Yard

A dire consequence of broken pipes is water leakage. The sewage can leak from the pipes and overflow into the yard. If enough water gets leaked, it can result in the formation of sinkholes. These sinkholes would continue to spread until it has infiltrated the foundation of the property, causing severe structural damage.


✔ Plumbing Repairs

The invasion of tree roots into one's sewer line is a problem that won't get solved on its own. A DIY approach is not an adequate solution, thus hiring a professional plumbing repairman is the only way to go. If problems like invasive roots are left unchecked for a long, it can lead to ever more critical problems later on.


✔ Signs that Indicate Root Growth in the Sewer Line

The next question on the docket is how to know if a property's sewage system has an underlying root problem. The following warning signs should suffice in informing a property owner when it is time to call in the root removal expert;


✔ Soft or Flooded Lawn Parts

If soft and squishy patches start showing up on the lawn, it is a sure sign that there is a leak in the drain pipes. Issues like cracks, breaks and leaks in the sewer line can cause water and sewage to leak into the surrounding soil. As a result, the lawn gets converted into a slushy lagoon full of smelly grass and muddy dirt. Next time, while inspecting the condition of the lawn's health make sure to check the texture of the grass. If there is significant flooding then it is time to call in a licensed plumber.


✔ Recurrent Drain Clogs

If it becomes apartment that the drains are getting clogged more often than usual, it could mean that the roots of the surrounding trees have grown into the sewer lines. Keeping a track of the last date when chemical cleaners were applied to the drains can help determine the date for the next cycle. It is always recommended to hire a licensed plumber to inspect the drains and administer the chemical



✔ Odorous Sewers

 The most instantly apparent sign of a broken or cracked sewer line is the spread of sewage odor all over the property. If the property owner or manager notices such odor on their property, know that it is time to order a plumbing inspection.


How to Avoid Roots in the Sewer Lines?

Once an individual can spot the signs of root overgrowth within the sewer lines, it is time to find out the solution to removing the sewer line clog. A professional needs to be contacted as activities like root removal, and drain cleaning and repairs necessitates adequate experience, knowledge and the use of specific equipment. The following should help avoid the growth of roots in the sewer in the future.  


✔ Avoid the Use of Chemicals

It is never a smart choice to use unfamiliar solutions and cleaners to clear the sewers without knowing what the pipes are made of. The thought of buying chemical drain cleaners from one's local home improvement store is certainly a tempting idea. However, it could end up corroding and breaking weaker pipes, even chipping away at large blockages causing an even bigger problem.  

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 ✔ Mindful Landscaping

The location of the trees plays a big role in the spread of their roots into the sewer line. The ideal approach is to be mindful of the position where a new tree is being planted. Make sure that they are situated in an area that is clear of the sewer lines so that the roots won't invade the plumbing.


✔ Replacing Broken Pipes

A pipe in the plumbing should be replaced at the first sign of a fracture or damage. This is because a dripping pipe is a clear invitation for tree roots to invade, no matter the size of the pipe. Getting into the habit of replacing or repairing drain pipes from time to time is a good practice for ensuring their longevity and security from invading tree roots.  


✔ Annual Plumbing Inspections

The number one preventive measure against invading tree roots is having the pipelines inspected with the help of a camera. Few plumbing specialist services offer an inspection where they send a camera into the drainage system to check for damages or blockages. When it comes down to maintaining the integrity of the drainage system, an ounce of prevention can work wonders than a pound of cure. Before small issues get a chance to change into huge headaches, it is better to have the drainage system inspected regularly and save a lot of time, money and stress.


In conclusion, preventing roots from infiltrating the property's drainage system all comes down to conducting timely inspections. Hiring the right Bondi plumber in Waverley council can make a significant difference in the quality of preventive measures implemented. 


Author Bio: The author of this blog is a horticulture hobbyist who is also a professional root cleaning expert, practicing for the last 8 years.

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