Everything to know about Pokémon Sword and Shield

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The much-awaited game that has become a controversy and a trending topic from the past few months is finally available. Pokémon Sword and Shield have been released on November 15, 2019, throughout the world. The excitement for the fans finally gets over as they get to know about everything about the new generation Pokémon game. Here is everything you need to know about Pokémon Sword and Shield.

About Pokémon Sword and Shield

It is a role-playing video game created by the Games Freak and released by Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019. The game includes everything new in the Pokémon world, such as new gym battles, new Pokémon, new challenges, and new cities.

Everything to know about Pokémon Sword and Shield

About its Region

The game will be held in a region called the Galar region. Game Freaks stated that they had created this region on the landmark style of the U.K. They said that the U.K comprises of mountains covered with snow, broad plain areas, contemporary cities, and natural countryside. They also said that the game contains several new areas to be explored in this region, such as exploring new places, forests, and brand new Pokémon.

The Three starters

The three starter Pokémon provided to the gamers at the starting of the game have also been replaced. The replacement includes Grookey, the grass type Pokémon, Sobble the water type Pokémon, and Scorbunny the fire type Pokémon. Although the personality traits of these starters are a bit similar to the previous ones, they still differ. The characterization of these are done quite well, and it seems very adorable when Sobble put his both hands inside yours, Scorbunny gives you a fistbump and Grookey gives you a high five.

Retaining Previous Version Pokémon to Galar Region

There are some Pokémons retained from the earlier version in the Galar region. Some of the earlier versions of Pokémons are loaded with Galarian forms that means they will be upgraded in this new world. Till now, it is totally unclear that what Pokémons are included in this list, but we are pretty sure that the new ones will eventually make you their fans as the earlier ones did.

 Galarian Forms of Pokémon

The Galarian form is a Pokémon form species living in the Galarain precinct. They will contain different appearance, as we have actually seen in the Alolan forms living in the Pokémon Sun and Moon. In the Galarian region, there is an upgraded version of wheezing, which has the appearance made partially from some part of Victory bell. The game also contains an Esque Galarian Ponyta, Rapidash, and  Galarian ZigZagoon and a Galarian Linoone.

Pokémon Transfer into Sword and Shield

There is a rumor regarding trading Pokémon from the Pokémon home to the Sword and Shield. The service is rumored to be released in 2020.

Galarian Region Gyms

There are total numbers of 8 gyms in both Sword and Shield. The gyms will be pretty much similar in the both Sword and Shield except the fact that the fighting gym of Bea is only in Sword, whereas the Ghost-type gym of Allister is only available in Shield.

How to encounter Pokémon?

The game allows you to experience both types of encounters, such as open-world and random encounters. The most missing section of the game includes in this region, such as Let’s Go Pikachu, I am choosing you, this section is all about caught em all. There is a vast section of plain in the Galar region, Pokémon in this part roams freely, and you can attract them by whistling, especially the flying types Pokémon. The encounters were also based mainly on your location and weather inside the game.

The Auto-Save Function

The Pokémon Sword and Shield contains a feature which will automatically save your game. This reduces the strain to go to the menu to save it or other issues that interrupt our play. In case you don’t like this feature, you can turn it off.

No HMs

The game does not have any kind of hidden machines, such as the Pokémon Sun and the Moon. This is good for those who don’t believe in favors, but those who do probably are the HMs a lot. Although there are some new functions that are even much better than the HMs, including the flying taxis and a bike that can float or run in water.

Exp. Share

This version of the game doesn’t contain the Exp.share as the first generation does.

Customizing the Character

The game has options of four girls and four boys, and you can choose anyone to customize your character. This includes the top and the pants, eye color, and also makeup.

Dynamax Pokémon form

The newly added feature can make your Pokémon as huge as Snorlax, whether it is Pikachu or Bulbasaur. This feature can only be used at once in a battle, and after three attacks, the Pokémon will retain its original form.


This feature is pretty much similar to Dynamaxing, although the Gigantamaxing changes the Pokémon appearance, not the form. It provides a special G-Max attack and can be used only by special Pokémons.

Upgrades in Max Raid Battles

Now you can add any amount of players In this Pokémon battle mode; you can play with your friend or anyone with whom you want to play.

Fossil Pokémon

Some of the fossil Pokémon have been extincted from the Sword and the Shield; now, you will see only the top fossil and a bottom fossil of Pokémon.

Team Villain

The so-called villain’s Team Rocket has been replaced with the Team Yell. Let us see how they spread trouble in the Galatian region.

Pokémon Camp

The feature allows all the Pokémon masters to travel with their Pokémons to camps. This is just to develop a better relationship with your Pokémon. There are 100 recipes that you can discover and eat in this camp.

Pokémon Jobs

This is a business function that can provide your Pokémon a job; in return, your Pokémon will be paid rare items that will help in the battle and experience.

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